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797Re: [genphoto] Book Recommendation

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  • Bill and/or Glenna Jo Christen
    Feb 1, 2001
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      pyeattm@... wrote:

      > Wow! Sound like you really know your clothing! Don't suppose you have a
      > book that I can buy?

      Sorry, not right now. I am in the process of writing a book on men's clothes
      from 1855-1870.

      > I have bought a few others, but, they just give the most basic description of
      > the clothing and don't tell you why they put the date on them

      Joan make some assumptions based on secondary source material, add some
      imaginative descriptions of the people, misses some of the dating details of
      the mediums, describes colors in black and white images and mixes fashion
      design cues. She has published a lot of nice images. That is why we bought the
      book. She has acknowledged her errors when we discussed them. It's a learning
      process for all of us.

      My wife and I have a modest collection of images (several thousand), a
      substantial reference library and a few dozen original garments. You need to
      really 'listen" to what the image or original garment is "saying" when dating
      or identifying. We are always happy to help folks ID or date images and
      garments. we live in Michigan and welcome visitors. We also know "how much we
      don't know" about photography of the mid-nineteenth century and are willing to
      gain more education.

      Bill Christen
      Visit our web site, "The Curiosity Shop"
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