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453Re: [genphoto] Re: A True View of Our Ancestors

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  • tom
    Jul 2, 2000
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      I think this is all sound advice. Care, special pens, special labels etc,
      but I guess it depends who we are talking about.
      Millions of people take photographs and if we could get one per cent to
      identify the subject we would make a massive difference in the future.
      I don't think it is reasonable to expect ordinary family photographers to
      purchase these "special" items, mainly because they don't share our passion
      for saving them for posterity.

      If you are a genealogist ask yourself this:

      A. Which would you prefer, a photograph of great grandma with writing on the
      back stating who she is, but with a few marks on the front because of the
      B. A perfect picture of great grandma but you are not sure who she is?


      stir, stir

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      > At 12:25 AM 7/1/00, you wrote:
      > >If people were to adopt a simple task, that is, write carefully on the
      > >of the photo some details like where it was taken, and who is in the
      > >it would make future generations lives a bit happier, especially family
      > >historians!
      > >This also eradicates the problems associated with montages; I think Fake
      > >far too emotive a term.
      > Be very careful and get a pencil or pen made specifically for this work.
      > work with a lot of pix from 60 to over 100 years old, and there is a very
      > large amount of them show the pen or pencil markings coming through the
      > print when I try to either copy or make scans of them.
      > It might even not be visible to the casual viewer, but the camera or
      > scanners see it.
      > Jack
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