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447Re: [genphoto] Re: A True View of Our Ancestors

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  • NewPleione@aol.com
    Jul 1 9:32 AM
      Dear Tom et al.:
      Oh how I whole heartily agree with you comments about writing on the
      backs of photographs. We gave my mother-in-law a camera 25 years ago and she
      is now on her fourth, having worn out the others in snapping pics at every
      family gathering and event.

      Trouble is I have never been able to get her to label the negative envelopes
      or write on the photos. She has faithfully put them into albums so they are
      in chronological order. Most of us can go back and make educated guesses on
      time and place and recognize our own families. That won't last but another 20
      years so then what???

      I have found a way to label my bitmap and JPEG images. Not only do I name
      them surname, given name and year but both Picture Publisher and Print Shop
      allow me to add text over the image. I can even print it in the boarder I
      add. Then every time the photo is printed, it is labeled as well.

      These are my own efforts, if there are better suggestions on how to label our
      digitalized images, I am all ears!!

      By the way, I intend to use my 18 year old Pentax for many years to come and
      shoot in black and white or transfer the special negatives to black and
      white. We know they will last at least 120 years. My CD's my be unreadable by
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