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445Re: [genphoto] Re: A True View of Our Ancestors

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  • FranAnd@aol.com
    Jul 1, 2000
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      I have a photo situation similar to Sandra's. I have a photo of my great
      uncle Edward Anderson of Glasgow, Scotland. It is apparently a marriage
      photo of him and his "second wife". On the back is the notation "Edward
      Anderson and his second wife". Well, that told me he married twice, but what
      were his wives' names? When was the picture taken? (I know it was taken in
      Glasgow because the portrait studio's address is stamped on the border.) I
      found Edward and one of the wives in the 1881 UK census, so I know the name
      of one of them, but which one? (When I get a look at some earlier census
      data, I may find some answers.)

      Fran Anderson
      Olympia, WA

      Sandra wrote:
      > My gr grandpapa had two wives. The first wife that died was my
      > grandpapa's mama. The second wife being the step mother of all
      > the children by the first wife, my gr grandmother.
      > We have a beautiful photo....on hard cardboard....with a picture of
      > a beautiful elegant lady. Sitting so straight , so tall, reaped with class.
      > Just like you would want your gr grandmother to look like. Stylish
      > and a small waist just a lovely face.
      > But, here is where the story ends......on the back of the picture was
      > written ever so plain....Mrs. Richardson.......but which Mrs. Richardson?
      > Is she my gr grandmother....or is she the second Mrs. Richardson.
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