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440Re: [genphoto] Re: A True View of Our Ancestors

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  • larkeddy@ns.sympatico.ca
    Jul 1, 2000
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      tom wrote:

      > If people were to adopt a simple task, that is, write carefully on the back
      > of the photo some details like where it was taken, and who is in the frame,
      > it would make future generations lives a bit happier, especially family
      > historians!...........
      > ...........Spread the word. The Pen is mightier than the photograph!
      > Annotate the
      > Backs!

      Tom is definitely going in the right direction, but I have a word of caution
      to all. Do not write on the backs of photographs with a ball point pen. Over
      time, the 'detergent' ink will bleed through to the emulsion side of the
      photograph causing ugly marks (usually red). Many of our so-called black
      'permanent' inks will do the same.

      Using an ordinary graphite lead pencil is better, but the plastic layer on the
      back of our modern photographic papers will usually not take lead pencil. The
      answer is to place a "peal and stick", not a "lick and stick", paper label on
      the back and write (with pencil to be safe) on it.

      Larry Keddy
      New Minas, Nova Scotia
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