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438Re: [genphoto] Re: A True View of Our Ancestors

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  • tom
    Jul 1, 2000
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      I am not sure where this debate is going with regard to altering or merging
      photographs but I thought I'd chip in with my own two-penn'orth.
      If someone wishes to make a montage of images and it gives them pleasure
      then I think they have every right to do so.
      As a genealogist, I treat all material as suspect in any case. I wasn't
      named Thomas by accident B-)
      If people were to adopt a simple task, that is, write carefully on the back
      of the photo some details like where it was taken, and who is in the frame,
      it would make future generations lives a bit happier, especially family
      This also eradicates the problems associated with montages; I think Fake is
      far too emotive a term.
      I wonder how many people on this list annotate their own photograph albums?
      Yes, a few, but in percentage terms?
      Spread the word. The Pen is mightier than the photograph! Annotate the
      Ok, climbing down from my soapbox.......

      One other thing occurs to me in this wonderful digital age.
      Have you ever tried writing on the back of a bitmap?

      <ducks & runs>

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      > I have a beautiful family picture about 16 x 20" in size of elderly
      > aunts, now deceased taken about 1910 by a professional photographer.
      > Two of the children were alive at the time -- the other had died, but
      > her pictures was combined with the others into one large photo. Had not
      > one of the aunts told me this, I would be none the wiser.
      > Margaret Scheffler
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      > P.S. - You have to check this link out, it's pretty funny.
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