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293[genphoto] New on Old Photo Album: "Lou(is) Gunnell's wife"

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    Mar 1, 2000
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      Please visit the Old Photo Album to see the new addition: "Lou(is) Gunnell's wife". Thank you. http://www.city-gallery.com/album/show.wphp?id=132

      "Lou(is) Gunnell's wife"

      These Gunnell's have remained the most difficult mystery to crack. Much detective work has been expended on these two photographs; one of Louis Gunnell's wife and the other John Gunnell, Corbin's son. I had thought we would easily locate these two individuals on the family tree once I got in contact with the Gunnell-Simpsons of the Moline area. But it was not be the case. No data my cousins could proved matched, no census data showed a hint of these Moline Gunnells. We are very close to unraveling who these subjects are, but I would appreciate any information on their background.