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2897Re: [genphoto] Glass Negatives

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  • The Crows
    Feb 9, 2010
      If your scanner does not have a negative/slide copy option, you can try
      placing the glass negative, glass to glass, with a piece of white paper
      on top. Then reverse the image with your software (negative or reverse
      image). This is a poor copy but you should be able to identify the scene
      and hopefully identify individuals. I used this method until I bought a
      scanner with the slide/negative option.(Epson V500).
      If you have a tripod for your digital camera, you could also prop the
      glass negative against a window, with a non-distracting view, and take a
      picture of it. Fill the screen as best you can. You will need a tripod
      because the exposure will be long. Use your software to reverse the
      image to a positive one.
      Neither is an archival method of working with your treasures, but it
      will be easier to see what you have and not too expensive.
      Good luck

      JerryABarb@... wrote:
      > I have a collection of glass negatives I'd like to see. I have no
      > knowledge in photography other than using a digital camera. I do have
      > a simple
      > scanner. Is there any way I can take a peek at these negatives without
      > complicated equipment??
      > Thanks
      > Jerry
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