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  • Susan Farmer
    Aug 21, 2009
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      as we probably all know, Kodacolor II was a fiasco -- it faded way to
      easy. I've got older color prints that are still in good shape.

      So I want to scan these photos (and do some color correction). The
      problem, however, is the paper. It's that really *rough* textured
      paper that produces interesting artifacts when scanned. Does anybody
      have a suggestion for scanning that paper with minimal garbage?

      Has anybody ever tried scanning negatives with a "normal" flatbed
      scanner using a mirror? (The scanner that I used to have access to
      had a transparency lid -- this one doesn't.) My thought is to place a
      mirror over the negative and scan it. Anybody tried that? How do you
      scan your negatives?

      Susan Farmer
      Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
      Division of Science and Math