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2856New Member - Cased photo questions

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  • sailorsravinestudio
    Jun 8, 2008
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      Hello my name is Danielle, I am a new member and really look forward
      to being a part of this group. Besides my paying job I am a mixed
      media artist and have been working with digital photography for over
      10 years beginning with scanning my film prints. I also take
      thousands of photos a year for my children's high school and
      competitive club sports teams. I am also the self proclaimed family
      historian and do research on an early California photographer in our
      family (J.R. Hodson) and just like old photos.
      At a yard sale this weekend I saw a cased photo on a table when I saw
      the $7.50 price tag I grabbed it and paid for it not daring to seem
      interested as I thought I was getting a great bargain. I had assumed
      I was getting a daguerreotype but upon doing some research I don't
      think I do. A magnet will not stick to it so I believe it is not a
      tintype. I am thinking maybe an ambrotype. I have posted photos in a
      new album titled Cased Photo. I posted pictures of the front, back,
      the side where the closure should be, the side that "hinges", the
      inside and 2 photos of may attempt to capture what the image looks
      like when it catches the light in just the right way. I would love to
      hear anyone's thoughts on this. I also am wondering if the girls dress
      seems more modern than a photo of the time period for an ambrotype.
      Should I find it strange that the girl is not centered in the frame?
      I appreciate any comments you may have.