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  • Steve Knoblock
    Jan 1 7:49 AM
      perhaps I should make that a future poll. If you will send me your
      suggestions of favorite organizers, I will create a poll from the list.
      Send suggestions to editor@...

      I just print my photos from Picture Publisher. I haven't tried printing
      from the Adobe PhotoDeluxe software that came with my camera yet. PP is a
      originally PhotoShop clone (uses some of the same access keys on menus),
      but it takes a different approach to layers. It has full CYMK control over
      printing, and has all the color matching system that PS has, sometimes that
      orientation can be irritating when creating an image for the web. But I
      never really use all the bells and whistles.

      I have a an Olympus D340R, which I purchased until some of the 2m pixel
      cameras either come down in price or offer more features at the current
      price level. We recently replaced our inkjet with a laser printer, so I
      will not be making any color prints for a while. I will be shopping in
      future for a better inkjet, probably an Epson. I'd like any advice or
      experience with Epson printers, especially the art quality ones.


      >I voted for Genealogy Software, but notice that many voted for Photo
      >Organizing Software. I'd be interested in hearing about these. I have
      >recently bought a Sony Mavica Digital Camera, and have not yet decided how to
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