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  • Cecelia
    Jul 3 6:28 PM
      I just joined this group and found your message in the archives.
      I have a co-worker who is Mormon, who said that if people are
      concerned about preserving records, they can contact their nearest
      LDS Family History Center. They will, then, call a team, who
      microfilms records, to come microfilm the records in question.
      I was specifically asking about old courthouse records, and relayed
      that to a couple of counties that had expressed concern about their
      I don't know if this would apply to newspapers, but it wouldn't hurt
      to ask.
      Hope they have been able to take care of this already. Just an FYI.

      --- In genphoto@yahoogroups.com, Arleen <as_esu@...> wrote:
      > A few years ago I was working on indexing the obits found in an
      > newspaper. The very early issues of that paper have never been
      > microfilmed and the only copies I know are held in bound volumes
      at the
      > newspaper office. Sadly I could not even touch those volumes but
      > were still intack, atleast enough that they might still be able to
      > microfilmed. I begged the publisher and editor to get these bound
      > volumes filmed. But they knew that in doing so the bindings would
      > to be cut and the volumes distroyed. And they were not willing to
      > this happen. So what good are those bound volumes! I would be so
      > to be able to read them on microfilm. Atleast on film one can read
      > historical contant that was once published.
      > Just my opion
      > Arleen
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