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  • PaulorTrisha@aol.com
    Feb 18, 2006
      Hello I am Trisha, I live in England with my young family and am very much
      into my genealogy. I am very lucky to have numerous old photos which date
      back from possibly the 1850's - 1920's but unfortunately none of them are dated
      and very few are named.

      I will be looking for tips to date them and notice that the archives are
      full of useful information.

      I am also fortunate to have many old postcards as well but at least they
      have been used and I can in most cases read the post mark which helps me date
      them. How the people fit into my family is another issue!

      I have one particular photo which I really want to date which we discussed
      in great detail at my last family history group meeting. However the dates
      discussed varied from 1840 - 1870's so a huge variation.

      I also have a photo taken at a studio in Newcastle PA and I have no idea of
      the year of that or the person involved.

      I look forward to getting to know you all better and learning from your


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