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2459Re: [genphoto] Cleaning photos and negatives

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  • Ken Allen
    Jul 14, 2005
      Hi Dimitris,

      My suggestion is to first, sort through organize the old film and
      transfer them to a new clean and archival storage container. With
      126, 110 and some of the other old formats I like to put them in 35mm
      Printfile (www.printfile.com) polyethylene pages then put them in a
      enclosed binder like the "Workbox" also from print file. Their are
      other manufacturers, but two good resellers are:


      Keep any old packaging that has information about the photographs,
      and make sure to transfer that information to the new pages.

      There are many ways to store and organize old negatives, so you can
      find a way that works for you. The enclosed archival binders with the
      archival polyethylene pages work well for me.

      Regarding cleaning. I would carefully wipe off any dust with a clean
      anti-stat photo cloth. these can be found in any good camera store.
      That should be fine for most situations.

      If you find yourself in a special situation, for example mold,
      fungus, the film is heavily soiled, or if you are trying to make dust
      free scans then cleaning may be in order. Because of all of the
      variables you could encounter I don't want to make a blanket
      statement about cleaning. Generally it's not a difficult process, but
      some film in some situations will require different handling.

      I hope this helps. If you have a specific need to clean the film, and
      you can be more specific about the film type and condition then I may
      be able to give you a specific suggestion. BTW, I am not an agent for
      any of the above mentioned products or resellers.


      Ken Allen
      Image Conservator, Inc.
      330 Wythe Ave., Suite 2f
      Brooklyn, NY 11211


      On Jul 13, 2005, at 2:24 PM, Dimitris wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I'm busy archiving old family photos right now. Most of them are
      > colored from the 80s, taken by one of those pocket Kodak cameras with
      > the small negatives and some photographs are b/w dating back from the
      > 60s.
      > So, the issue here is that I'm not sure how to take care of them. I
      > mean, old photographs are sometimes dirty, is there a way to clean
      > them? And also, how do I clean old negatives?
      > I'd appreciate any help,
      > Thanks :^)
      > Dimitris
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