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233[genphoto] Re: Kit's/Eastman Kodak Processing

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  • C. Allen
    Feb 2, 2000
      Moving huh? I'm in Seattle and back in 1991 my son took in a negative to
      Kit's to obtain an enlargement for a photo competition. As a junior in
      high school, he had already entered and won first place in 3 competitions.
      This was an entry for the national competition (he had already won at the
      state level, and that photo along with two others had to be submitted for
      nationals.) The 11x14 enlargement came back with a huge scratch running
      down the left side (it was a vertical print), about 1 inch from the edge.
      The negative was also scratched. Kit's insisted the negative must have
      been scratched in the original processing (which they had not done),
      although the original 4 inch print was not damaged. Clearly, their
      equipment had scratched the negative. He managed to choose another photo
      and have it enlarged on an expedited basis for substantially extra money
      somewhere else and made the deadline, but needless to say we have never
      been back to Kit's for photo processing. Maybe it's been an 8 year moving

      By the way, he came in 3rd. I still think if he had been able to use his
      first choice photo he would have won (but then I'm his mom).

      At 12:30 PM 2/2/00 EST, you wrote:
      >hi Rod,
      >Funny you should mention this! I just got back from Kits Camera, who uses
      >Kodak to handle their slide and prints-from-slide processing needs. I was
      >appalled at the poor quality prints that awaited me, not to mention the fact
      >that out of 45 slides given to them, about ten of those original slides,
      >NOT returned in the protective 355 plastic sleeve, but rather were tossed
      >into an unsealed paper envelope! One slide was even damaged seriously...and
      >all I was told was: "Well, Kodak is moving their lab from Seattle to Kent
      >right now..." So this is supposed to explain totally unprofessional
      >behaviour and poor quality prints! I asked for the phone number at the lab
      >and was asked to wait while the gal at the counter waited on another
      >customer. Needless to say, I will have to get that number from another
      >source! But I think it's important to let people know when Kodak slips up
      >badly...really a broken trust.
      >Nancy Clendaniel
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