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  • The Schroaders
    Apr 4, 2004
      Depending on your camera, you may have a setting that is designed for
      "bright sunlight". My Nikon Coolpix 950 has 4-5 different light settings
      for fluorescent, incandescent, bright sunlight, etc... I didn't think they
      really made a difference until we went to the beach on 2 different trips.
      In the first set of pictures you could only see the shadows of the people
      and not the details of who they were, the bright light reflected off the
      water, etc. THe second trip, I used the Bright Sunlight/Outdoor setting
      and now have some incredibly rich photos of my family at the beach, deep
      blues of the ocean, wonderful colors in the sky! I was amazed at how great
      the settings actually work. I then tried the fluorescent setting at my
      kids' awards assembly and had the same experience. Instead of grayed out
      pictures that were slightly blurred (as a flash doesn't reach that far!), I
      had crisp pictures and didn't even have to use my flash. The colors in the
      kids clothing were bright, not blurred, and much more true to the actual

      Some cameras also have a "backlight" setting when you are taking a picture
      of something against a "bright" background, such as a group of people in
      front of a window. It will adjust the exposure settings to focus on the
      center of the image and not the peripheral light that is coming thru.
      (don't know how to explain that in true technical terms LOL).

      Hope this helps :)


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      Hi All:

      On a recent trip to the desert I took many digital photos of rocks, etc.,
      the bright sun. I noticed that my photos seemed light colored and I had to
      darken them a bit in Elements.

      I'm not sure my compact flash card should be handled like a print film and
      over expose the next trip or under expose like shooting color slides.

      Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

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