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2055Re: Correcting Old Blurred Photographs?

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  • Michael Stupinski
    Feb 28, 2004
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      Arghhhhhh.... I hate when that happens! I posted an incomplete edit of
      the message. Please ignore the line that starts with "A couple of the


      On Feb 28, 2004, at 8:05 AM, Michael Stupinski wrote:

      > For those interested in pursuing a little of the more technical side
      > of this subject, and who may be looking for actually spending some
      > money on software to do some of this (but almost all of it is rather
      > expensive for the uses most of us would have) go to the Reindeer
      > Graphics site below. It includes a good tutorial on various aspects
      > of image improvement. A couple of the links on that page appear to be
      > outdated, but if you use only the address up to the (For the
      > record, I have no connection to the company at all.)
      > http://www.reindeergraphics.com/tutorial/index.shtml
      > ..............Mike
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