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1880Re: [genphoto] Photo retouching assistance offered

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  • M Lindley
    Jan 7, 2004
      Deb, what a wonderful person you are!!

      I have some physical limitations that have put a real damper on my desire to
      plow onward with the photos and (thank you for suggesting Adobe Photoshop)
      software to archive and protect the family heritage we have (lots still
      missing. . . . sigh).

      I look forward to seeing your messages for others on the group, and I very
      much appreciate the invitation to ask your help.

      I do want to say I'm so sorry for your loss of your husband, as I'm sure any
      and all of us who have incurred loss in this fashion would wholeheartedly
      agree, and I admire your drive to survive -- and, I'm sure, from your
      wording, you will _thrive_ -- in your work, in your pastimes (so many!) and
      in the brotherhood that this list seems to contain.

      My very best wishes to you for a good 2004,
      Marianne (Anchorage, Alaska)
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