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1664Re: [genphoto] scanning 1970 matte paper

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  • Michael Bell
    Mar 12, 2003
      Susan Farmer <sfarmer@...> writes:
      >I'm trying to figure out how to get a decent scan from that really
      >coarse (and crappy) matte finish paper that was *so* populat in
      >the 1970s. When I scan at 300 dpi (as I do for all images), I
      >get little white blips where the light is eflecting on the
      >undulations in the paper.

      In addition to Patty's suggestion for a 90 degree rotation, I would
      also suggest scanning the photo rotated 45 degrees on the scanner
      bed. I've had some luck with that.

      If you have access to a copy stand, with a lot of patience in
      adjusting the lights you should be able to reduce most of the
      reflections. A piece of non-glare glass over the photo will help
      too. You can either mount a digital camera on the copy stand or a
      traditional film camera and then scan the resulting negatives or
      prints. I've had a few photos that would just not scan well at
      all, but worked pretty well with a copy stand.

      good luck

      Michael Bell
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