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  • g.ruppert@att.net
    Sep 2, 2002
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      Hi Folks:

      Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day Holiday!

      I've been "laboring" over the Baltimore City Nineteenth-
      Century Photo web site today. Although I haven't posted
      any announcements in quite some time, I've been adding
      to the site regularly.

      Here are a few interesting photos: KOTHE, William -
      shows a great 19th century bakery shop with a window
      display for Christmas. An addition to the RUHLAND photo
      is a picture of Lexington Market where the Ruhland's had
      a stall. Lena BREMER is wearing an incredible lace dress
      and furthermore this appears to be an identical photo
      for Lena GROSS. These two images were collected several
      years apart!

      Additionally, there are photos for SANDER (possibly of
      the funeral home business, CLARK and especially
      interesting is one for FANNIE (no last name ... search
      under F). This is an ornately dressed woman whose
      jewlery provides her name!

      If you are not familiar with Baltimore City Nineteenth
      Century Photos, please stop by and visit. Perhaps you
      will want to contribute to our site too.


      I'm working on two new sections for this site. First,
      I'm collecting "Success Stories" ... stories of visitors
      linking to their family photos and contemporary family
      members because of a picture on the Baltimore Photos
      page. Secondly, I hope to organize the site by photo
      studio. This may ultimately lead to a second site for
      UNIDENTIFIED pix from Baltimore.

      THANKS for ALL of your Help!

      2 September 2002