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1412Re: [genphoto] My thanks to those who helped me.

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  • L. Benedict
    Aug 2, 2002

      My husband and I have been thinking about getting a digital camera. After
      read your description I am going to be looking at this camera this week-end.
      I didn't know anything about marking on the camera.

      Job well done!


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      Subject: [genphoto] My thanks to those who helped me.
      Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 23:17:56 -0700

      Thank you Kay Hampshire.,Mark Hamilton, Elizabeth Rodier, Ceil Jansen,
      Mark S, Michele G, Hawkeyes,
      and Barry S for the help you gave me in either the purchase of my first
      digital camera or the sale of my
      Nikon SP. Although I have not yet sold my SP, I have bought a
      digital camera.

      The SP has been selling on e-bay for as much as $3000, for, what I think
      is, less then what I am offering. I am waiting for a reasonable offer
      without going to the WEB. When I get it, it will be a deal.

      To my purchase.

      I purchased the Nikon Coolpix 4500. It fit all my standards, which

      It fit in the pocket of my Cargo Pants. The size in inches is 5.1 x 2.9
      x 2.

      It is 13.2 ounces in weight, including batteries. I wanted 12 ounces or
      less (close enough).

      It has 4.1Mega Pixels. I wanted 3MP or more.

      Its cost was well under the $900 limit. The list price was $699. It
      cost me $625 at a local store. I could have gotten it on the WEB for
      $568, but there were too many chances that I had to take. I did my
      homework. I called Nikon and they told me of two identifying marks I
      should look for. One on the camera and two on the box to insure that the
      camera would be warranteed in the United States. Without those markings,
      if anything went wrong with the camera, they would NOT honor the
      warrantee. The Nikon website gave authorized dealers. I decided to buy
      from an authorized dealer (who would sell the camera with the markings)
      rather then a "reseller" who MAY not sell the camera with the markings.
      It was the first thing I looked for when I went into the store.

      The lenses go from a wide angle 38MM to a telephoto 155MM. They call
      that a 4X digital zoom. (my minimum was 35 to 105, or a 3X digital zoom).

      It has a shutter speed of 1/2300 of a second. My requirement was a
      minimum of 1/2000

      It has a built in (pop up) flash with over-rides to flash in the light
      and not flash in the dark, if preferred.

      It has auto and manual focus.

      The camera comes with a Lithium rechargeable battery AND with a
      recharger. Nice!

      It comes with a 16MB card. Not enough since I want to take high
      resolution pictures. It would have been enough if all I wanted to do was
      send pictures on e-mail. Most of the pictures I take I will want to
      I therefore invested in a 256MB card which cost me $140 and a Reader (so
      I would not have to plug the camera into the computer each time I wanted
      to see or print my pictures) which cost me all of $20. It also comes
      with a photo program in which I can edit my photos. Other good cameras
      come with a similar CD.

      The shutter (aperture) openings were important to me because, if I
      wanted to take a picture in a "low light" area without a flash, I wanted
      that capability. The opening for the wide angle runs from 2.6 to 7.5 and
      the opening for the telephoto runs from 5.1 to 10.3.

      The camera come with a very interesting feature. A swivel lens, which
      allows one to take a picture from different angles. I want to see how
      that works in different situations.

      Once again, thank you all for your help and guidance. It was very much

      Paul Weinberg

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