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1201Re: [genphoto] Under The Weather

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  • Susan B. Farmer
    Dec 1, 2001
      >This member of the list has a virus, which is sending messages to the list.
      >I will contact Please do not open any attachments that might be distributed
      >through the list. Particularly any ending in .pif. You shouldn't be
      >receiving any Program Information Files anyway, they are system files used
      >by Windows and probably disguise something else.

      I don't know who the "moderator/creator" of this group is, but I'd recommend
      setting it so that attachments *CAN"T* be distributed via the list. It's
      an easy change. Attachments can be placed in the "Files" section if you
      want folks to see them.

      Watch out for the _ as the first character of the users name. It can infect
      you EVEN IF you *don't* open the attachment. :-(

      Remember, practice "Safe email."

      Do *not* open *any* attachments
      **UNLESS** you know the sender,
      *AND* you're expecting an attachment from that person,
      *AND* the filename of the attachment matches the filename
      that you're expecting.

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