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1034Re: [genphoto] Re: Digital Negatives

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  • Charles Linsley
    Sep 1, 2001
      "Adam Bancroft" <bancroft070860@...> wrote:
      > Now for a question ...

      It has been too long since I have been in a darkroom to give
      specific answers, but I can give som general recommendations.

      > What is a good archival quality photo paper?

      I cannot suggest specific brands; there is probably not much
      difference between them as far as archival quality, anyway,
      assuming you are not using some fly-by-night, bargain brand.
      Definitely use fiber-base paper, not RC. The longevity of RC
      paper is significantly less than fiber.

      > Anything I should know
      > about processing for archiving?

      Stop using your chemicals, especially fixer, well before
      exaustion. As fixer approaches exaustion, the by-products
      become increasingly difficult to remove from the paper.

      Wash very thouroughly. A wash aid, such as Kodak Hypo-eliminator
      is very helpful. If you are really serious about archival
      quality, there is a solution that you can use to test whether
      your prints are adequately washed. You put a drop of this on
      the white border of a print, or on a blank sheet of paper
      processed with your prints if the borders are not wide enough
      to avoid getting the solution on the image. If there is any
      discoloration, the prints are not adequately washed.

      Chuck Linsley
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