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Re: [genpcncfir] Re: Laura's Lost Files

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  • Doris
    Look over here and you ll see another one who lost and lost and lost...but it wasn t everything---just over 2/3rds of 30 yrs records and work and files. This
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      Look over here and you'll see another one who lost and lost and lost...but it wasn't everything---just over 2/3rds of 30 yrs records and work and files.

      This hurricane had no respect at all....I now have learned to put backups on discs and scatter them around the family---keep them dated, but in the summer I make a new one just about every other week---unless there's a storm brewing...then I make about 5 copies and start mailing them around to people who live inland (just in case)...

      The hardest thing is the total loss of the letters and copies of data from people who are no longer living, and several books that are no longer in print....but I had copies that were signed with personal notes from the authors.

      I've learned to scan some of the letters into my documents, and I've been investing in CDs to put pictures and documents on....these things are copied and sent to family and friends who will keep them for me.

      The very good thing about it is how very many people I sent things to have sent back copies and data to me. One person has copied two books that were lost (not in print) for me and sent the whole thing....and I've found a lot on internet---and a lot of contacts that I had lost..

      This could go on and on....but I've spent over 10 yrs replacing what I could of the lost files & data....I hope I've been able to place what I have in safe places, but I have been careful to share what I have--I know I had to depend on lots of people sharing with me, and I"M GRATEFUL for that!!

      Weather has no pity on us with our files, does it??

      Doris....A Texan in Georgia.....
      still shaking the family tree
      and dodging the nuts after 30+ years!!!
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      From: Jewelle Baker
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      Subject: [genpcncfir] Re: Laura's Lost Files

      Oh Laura....
      Bless your heart!!!!! The same thing happen to me during our
      Hurricane... lost ALL my data... thought I had back-ups of everything...
      out it was only a System BU .... worse... my hard copies were stored in
      warehouse in the Flood Zone... and what a flood we had....
      Our Group has come up with some great ideas... thank you all for
      so caring!!! Also... Don't forget that ALL of our Messages are available
      research in our Archives.... use the Search Engine.
      Hang in there.... good luck!!!
      Mama Jewelle

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      Date: Thursday, May 22, 2003 14:18:04
      To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [genpcncfir] I cant believe this...

      Hi guys, I know I do not post a lot but I read everything you guys send and
      it is great stuff. I have a problem though. LOL

      I have lost EVERYTHING in my family history program. I have no idea how but
      me and my husband have searched the computer for 2 days and cant find
      ANYTING about my family history, I have to start all over. How I wish I had
      used a bachup disk. The program would back itself up but I never did a
      manual backup and now I am pretty well at ground 0 again.

      If anyone has history on the flowing I would appreciate you sharing and
      making this a little more easy for me. I appreciate it.

      Jeptha or Samuel Whaley and descendants from the potters hill area
      Zebulon Wallace from the Lenoir county area
      Bennett or Mattie Tyson from the Pitt?Green County area
      Raspberry Brann or Brand from the Pitt/Green area

      These are a few of my great or great great grandparents, thanks for any help
      on this. I am just devastated.


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