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  • Tracy Stancil/mail.hotmail.com
    Danny, Interesting reading about your ancestors from Pitt County. I have no known connections but just thought I d mention one thing to you. While I am not
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2003
      Interesting reading about your ancestors from Pitt County. I have no known connections but just thought I'd mention one thing to you. While I am not sure, I would think that Sam Truss Sr. may have actually come to Pitt from the Norfolk County, VA area. There were apparently some Trusses in Norfolk during the 1700's. Many other Pitt County families also came from there. It might be worth looking into.
      Someone has claimed in an on line posting that Samuel Sr of Pitt County was the son of a Samuel Truss and wife Sarah Cavanaugh from VA. You might want to write to her to see if there is any validity to that claim. Do an Ancestry or Rootsweb search for Truss and/or Samuel Truss and you should be able to find the person I'm talking about. Sorry, can't remember the persons name right now.
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      Hello everyone, I wrote a little introduction of the new guy a while back,
      but when writing to Jewelle, I came up with something a little more
      descriptive that I thought I'd share with everyone.

      I'm originally from North Alabama where my family has deep roots, settling
      there in the early 1800s. My mother is a Gamble of which much
      documentation has been produced carrying the Gamble family back to Patrick
      Kinchen Gamble who settled there in the early 1800s after being discharged
      from the War of 1812. You might be wondering what all this has to do with
      Pitt County. Well Patrick Kinchen Gamble's wife was Francis Truss aka
      Fanny Truss. Francis Truss was the daughter of Samuel Truss, Jr. (Let's
      call him Sam Jr.) and Silvia Cobb. Sam Jr was born in Pitt County, NC it
      seems. He is the son of Samuel Truss, Sr. (let's call him Sam Sr.) who it
      seems died in Pitt County, NC and may have immigrated from there England.
      Sam Sr. appears to have served in the Rev War and married Mary Forbes.
      Those three families I think may have been active in early Pitt County
      history. That's what I'm searching for.

      I would like to document some history of the Truss, Cobb, and Forbes family
      to provide to my family in Alabama. It's been twenty years since the
      information on Patty Kay and Fannie was told to everyone and since then
      interest in family history and attendance at family reunions has started to
      shrink. A couple of years ago the reunion was even skipped by a lack of
      attendance the previous year. Hopefully some new information, maybe a
      simple book could spur another 10 years of interest.

      I think I would also like to obtain membership in the Sons of the American
      Revolution which requires documentation of an Ancestor's service during the
      Revolutionary War, so I'm looking for that on Sam Sr. Other individuals in
      the family might be interested if all they had to do was tie into me.
      Perhaps a SAR or DAR event at a family reunion might draw a large crowd.

      In general I just want to extend my family tree as much as I can for the
      generations to come. So much is so quickly lost. I'm hoping that
      somewhere someone has photographs of these folks. It may seem like a long
      shot, but just recently on another line I found a women who had
      photographs from the late 1800s/early 1900s of another one of my lines.

      Interestingly, Patrick Kinchen Gamble was born in NC circa 1794 but that's
      all we know. One day I'd like to work on that, but I expect it's a long
      and frustrating task so I'll put if off and concentrate on his wife's

      Maybe one day I can publish a book on my family complete with stories,
      photographs, document images, and the like. I've read several family tree
      books which read more like reference than what I'd like to do. I think it
      would be good if a book could be both. But that seems like a rather
      daunting task, that will take time.

      My experience in genealogy is limited. I have a great deal of information
      other people have gathered before me, but my personal investigation skills
      are amateurish. I have spent sometime in libraries looking at census
      records before, but that's about it. I think you'll find I'm also pretty
      young, 32 years old, to be interested in genealogy - but none the less I
      am. I would welcome and appreciate any advice on how to do research.

      Personally, I have two small children, full time job, and a couple of
      obligations that don't leave as much time for family research as I would
      like. I wonder if I could make a living in genealogy somehow. I wonder if
      I could teach genealogy at a small university - but then I'm not really
      qualified yet. So there's my story.

      Possibly your cousin,
      Danny McHale

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