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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group, RootsWeb Review sent this out today but their good suggestions pertain to any and all eMailing Lists, whomever the Host!! BTW, I inserted
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2003
      Hello Group,
      RootsWeb Review sent this out today but their 'good suggestions' pertain
      to any and all eMailing Lists, whomever the Host!!
      BTW, I inserted (YahooGroups & others,) Thanks, RW ReView!!

      * * *
      1c. SQUEEZING THE MOST OUT OF MAILING LISTS. Most of us join (subscribe
      to) RootsWeb Mailing Lists, YahooGroups & others, in hopes of learning something about an
      ancestor of the surname, locality, or topic covered by the list's
      subject matter. We post queries about our ancestor or about our research
      problem, and we look for specific answers in response. However, when we
      join a Mailing List we are on the receiving end of all messages posted
      to the list. Sometimes it is easy to be quick with the delete key when a
      message doesn't directly pertain to us.

      However, we can often pick up information about the community and
      neighbors with whom our ancestor interacted if we are not so fast at
      passing over messages that on first glance are not of interest to us.
      Mailing Lists themselves can become a sort of community and your fellow
      list members often have good advice to share about researching the
      locality, surname, ethnic, occupational, or religious group that is the
      subject of the list you have joined -- obviously a subject of mutual
      interest to you and the person posting the information.

      Many Mailing Lists have resident list experts who can provide valuable
      information about resources available for a locality and how and where
      to obtain them, the time period they cover, and what you can expect to
      learn from the records. You can pick up tips from others on how they
      went about breaking down their brick walls regarding the ancestors they
      are researching of the same surname or who lived in the same location as

      The next time you find your finger poised on the delete key, pause for a
      moment and consider what you might learn from your fellow Mailing List
      colleagues whose research crosses paths with your own. The research
      approach that worked for them may work for you as well.

      Main SURNAMES;

      GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research
      (Serving all Eastern/Coastal NC Counties)

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