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Historic 1800's Land Documents Discovered

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group... Our special thanks to Lynda for posting this article to the NCRoots List; gleaned for your perusal.
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      Hello Group...
      Our special thanks to Lynda for posting this
      article to the NCRoots List; gleaned for your perusal.

      From: Lynda Webster
      Date: Sun Mar 2, 2003 12:53:24 PM US/Eastern
      Subject: [NCROOTS] Fw: WNC Speculation Lands

      Thought some of you might find this of interest.

      According to Dan Pierce, a Southern history expert and
      UNCA professor, "Among historians of early America
      there is an important and hotly debated set of
      questions about how people got land, who controlled
      the land and what that means. And among
      Appalachian historians there's been a recent debate
      about land ownership. There's a notion, which helped
      to build beliefs about Appalachian heritage, that
      everybody owned their own land, but in recent years that
      notion has been challenged." His comment was in
      reference to a recent discovery in Hendersonville, NC.

      Some 800 historic documents that had been locked in
      a safe for decades relating to land ownership in
      Western North Carolina have been purchased with
      donated funds by UNCA from a private individual. The
      documents dating to the early 1800s represent work by
      a family who were land surveyors and agents fo the
      Speculation Lands, 400,000 acres that were
      bought for resale by native Philadelphian Tench Coxe in
      1795-96. He was one of the wealthy and politically
      powerful land speculators operating after the
      Revolutionary War.

      The records will help analyze land
      acquisition/distribution, gold mining, and international
      banking practices. The find includes maps, land
      surveys and notes, deeds, ledgers, and letters of
      correspondence with foreign investors. Among
      signatures in the collection are those of Samuel Ashe,
      who was the NC governor in 1795-98; Pierre Estienne
      DuPonceau, who fought with Washington at Valley
      Forge; and Smith Thompson, the US Supreme Court
      judge who presided in the Amistad Case. I am thrilled
      to know of the discovery since my direct line paternal
      ancestor was also a surveyor in the area at that time.

      Ramsey Library Special Collections

      Adapted from:
      The Transylvania Times, Brevard, NC
      Issue of Monday, February 24, 2003, Page 10A

      I would love to see the actual documents!
      Great discovery!!! Wonder what else is 'out-there'??

      Main SURNAMES:
      BAKER; CANNON; COX; JACKSON; McGLOHON's (all sp's);

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