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Re: Grooms Family information forgot

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  • joycetm2000 <Joycetm@quixnet.net>
    ... asking it. You ... I have an ... about his birth ... you by any ... went about ... empty. Records ... in 1955. ... HI Evelyn, It wasn t a bold question at
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2003
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      --- In genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com, rebh@g... wrote:
      > Tina,
      > This may seem like a bold question, but there is a reason for
      asking it. You
      > stated that you are adopted and that you found your bith parents.
      I have an
      > adopted son, and he would very much like to find out something
      about his birth
      > parents for medical reasons. He was born and adopted in NC. Were
      you by any
      > chance adopted if NC. If so, would you mind telling me how you
      went about
      > finding your birth parents. Every thing we have tried comes up
      empty. Records
      > in NC are still sealed, which makes it very difficult. He was born
      in 1955.
      > Evelyn

      HI Evelyn,

      It wasn't a bold question at all. When I first saw the first
      sentence, I was thinking you maybe asking a more difficult question,
      like maybe his doesn't want you to find the rest of his family and
      what right do you have to search out your family history...
      Something like that. The one you asked was easy. :O) LOL :O)

      I was born and adopted in NC. I only lived in NC for about my first
      year. Then we moved all over. My adopted father was in the
      military. I have lived in Washington State since 2nd grade.

      My birth certificate says I was born in Charlotte, but really I was
      born in Raleigh and adopted threw Catholic Social Services, (CSS),
      in Charlotte. I used Kinsolving Investigations located in Matthews,
      NC to locate my birthmom. Here is there web address:
      http://www.kinsolving.com . It was pricey, but they offer a no
      find, no fee policy. It was well worth it to me to spend the money
      to find my family roots. :O) They have a fantastic reputation.
      They were listed in all the search books I looked at, the CSS
      recommended them, and even the court house recommend them.

      I don't know if your son was adopted through the CSS, but if you
      have is amended Baptismal Certificate, the one that he was baptized
      before you adopted him, not the adopted baptismal certificate, you
      may be able to find out information by the date he was first
      baptized? Just a thought...

      To find my birth father, I made a GOB of calls with everyone one who
      had the first and last name that was the same as his. My birth
      mother also remembered the name of the daughter he had when they
      met, and I called a few of those people as well. I also called a
      few Grooms too, but I finally called the right Wayne Grooms.

      I do remember that my birth father said his dad had a very strange
      name, can't remember it clearly, but it was something like
      Boardery. But he went by Johnny Grooms. He is deceased. His mom's
      name is Sarah Evelien,(or Evelyn) Bridges. I do have more family
      information on his side, but not a much.

      I just want to tell you that I think it is great you support you son
      on his wanting to find his family, for medical or any other reason.
      I have a few friends that are adopted, and they will never search
      until their adopted parents pass away, as it would really upset them
      if they found out they were searching.

      If you have any more questions, please ask away. :O)

      Best of wishes to you and your son on his search.

      ~Tina Joyce

      adopted parents: Houle and Kolb
      Birth Parents: Hansbrough and Grooms
      Birth grandparents: Jukes, Cooper, and Bridges
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