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Re: [genpcncfir] Surname VICK

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  • Linda Bass
    Fred, See if this will help.This is how I am putting my information in my book. Any questions, email me. You have the address. Linda B. **Johnathan/Jonathan
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 2, 2003
      Fred, See if this will help.This is how I am putting my information in my
      book. Any questions, email me. You have the address. Linda B.

      **Johnathan/Jonathan Crisp, B. 1675, D. 1725, married **Deliverance Mansell
      B. 1675, D. 1725. They had one son named **William Mansell (1) Crisp, B.
      1695, D. Feb. 14, 1783. He married Frances Whitley,** B. 1716, D. 1800.
      William and Frances had eight children;
      #1A. Samuel Crisp
      #2A. Winefred Crisp
      #3A. Lida Crisp
      #4A. Isabel Crisp
      #5A. Samuel Crisp
      #6A. Benjamin Crisp
      #7A. Jessee Crisp
      **#8A. Ezekiel Crisp, born May 7, 1744
      Their last born Ezekiel Crisp ** is our direct bloodline. Born May 7, 1744
      in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina. Ezekiel Crisp married Elizabeth**(last
      name unknown). They had three unnamed babies and finally **William Mansell
      (II) Crisp was born in 1788, died in 1871.
      **William Mansell (II) Crisp married Lucy Cherry.**
      They had twelve children:
      #1A. Ashley Crisp M. Rosina Eagles;
      #2A. Elizabeth Crisp married John Whitley;
      #3A. Ezekiel Crisp married Louisa Cobb;
      #4A. Rebecca Crisp, born 1821, died 1898;
      #5A. Levi Crisp, born 1823, married Lucinda Cobb January 30, 1822;
      #6A. Lucy Crisp, born 1825, married James Wooten, born 1822;
      #7A. William Mansell Crisp, born 1826;
      #8A. Eason Crisp, born 1827, married Zoa Ann Edwards, born February
      14, 1837, died 1853;
      #9A. Mary Jane Crisp, born November 15, 1828, died May 14, 1892;
      #10A. Rhoda Crisp, born 1830, married Charles Randolph Johnson, born
      **#11A. Penelope Jane Crisp, born 1831, married William James Langley,**
      born 1826;
      #12A. Silas E. Crisp, born July 13, 1833, died December 17, 1884.

      ** Indicates our direct blood line
      **Azaniah Langley, born about 1740, died 1800, married unknown.
      Children born of this union four sons and four daughters
      #1A. Rhoda Langley, born after 1756
      #2A. Jehu Langley, born after 1756
      #3A. Susanna Langley, born after 1756
      #4A. Trefaney Langley, born after 1756
      #5A. Jane Langley, born after 1756
      #6A. Dorcas Langley, born after 1756
      #7A. Shadrack Langley, born 1762 in Hyde Co.
      **#8A. Isaiah Langley, born 1765, died 1832 married unknown

      Isaiah and unknown had three children a son and two daughters
      **#1A. Willis Langley, born 1796, died 1866, married Nancy Peal** on March
      13, 1848. Nancy Peal was born 1806. (Father's name was Hillary Peal.)

      Children born of this union eight sons and four daughters
      #1a. Robert Arnold Langley, born 1818, died?
      Married Mary Elizabeth Mayo, born July 10, 1842
      #2a. Bettie Langley, born after 1818, married James Batts, born after
      #3a. Charlotte Langley, born after 1818, married James Batts, born?
      #4a. David Langley, born after 1818
      #5a. Easter Langley, born after 1818, married Thomas Exum, born 1818
      #6a. Franklin Langley, born after 1818, married Mary Mosley, born 1818
      #7a. Hillery Peel Langley, born after 1818, married Mary Emily Edwards
      #8a. John G. Langley, born 1818, married Sarah Owens, born 1818
      #9a. Morrison Thomas Langley, born 1818, Mary Mosley, born 1818
      #10a. Romuliss Langley, born 1818
      #11a. Susan Langley, born 1818, married Thomas Goff, born 1812
      **#12a William James Langley, born 1826 in Edgecombe Co. died
      Married Penelope (Penny) Jane Crisp, ** born 1831 in Pitt Co. died?
      ( I apologize for all the 1818 dates. That's all I could find)
      Children of William and Penelope Crisp Langley; nine daughters and four
      sons, according to the 1870-1880 census, Edgecombe Co.
      #1A Esther Elizabeth (Bett) Langley, born 1849 (two children)
      #2A James Robert (Bob) Langley, born 1851 (married Louise?
      five children)

      #3A William (Bill) S. Langley, born 1854 (married Reba? six children)
      #4A Mary Eliza Langley, born 1855 (married Robert (Bob) Owens,
      ten children)
      #5A Martha Lydia (Puss) Langley, born 1857 (Married Frank Whitley)
      #6A Fannie D. Langley, born 1859 (married John Dowell Owens four
      #7A Penelope Jane Langley, born 1861 (married Nelve Vick, then Eddie
      Heath or Unknown Everett total; eleven children)
      ** #8A Rhoda Adelia Langley, born 1863 (one child) (married Robert Van
      Buren Owens **on Feb.15, 1892, born May 6, 1862, two daughters)
      #9A Cynthia (Lucy) Ann Langley, born June 1866, died after 1900
      (married Joseph Everrette, seven children)
      #10A William R. (Rom) Langley, born Feb. 1867, died Sept. 1949
      (married Delphia Moore, born Dec. 1866, died May 1932, seven
      #11A Georgia Ella Langley, born 1870 (married George Washington Owens,
      born 1849, died unknown leaving his wife with four children to
      #12A Lafayette (Fate) Langley, born 1872 (married Jodie Ellis six
      #13A Ada Langley, born 1874 (married Joseph Ward four children)

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      > Nancy, I visited your well prepared site again but I still can't connect
      > Langleys. Mine all seem to have originated in Edgecombe Co through a
      > James LANGLEY b. 1826, m. Penelope Jane CRISP b. 1830 Pitt Co, Dau. of
      > William Mansel CRISP and Lucy CHERRY.
      > Thanks Fred Vick
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