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UpDate Chronicles Of Pitt Co

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group... and Everyone! Just a note to let you know that we ve had a great response from the below forwarded post sent 09 Sept 02. We ve had new members
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      Hello Group... and Everyone!
      Just a note to let you know that we've had a great response from the below forwarded post sent 09 Sept 02. We've had new members to join and this is for their benefit and also for the new ones on all the other Mail Lists.

      I have been advised that plans are going along smoothly, and hopefully, will have a concrete answer for all of you by the end of the year!!!! <chuckle> We've waited SO long for information... a few more months will only add to the pleasure of finally knowing when we'll be able to obtain our very own copy!!!

      I lost over 4000 unread emails recently.... so if any of you notified me AFTER 11 Sept 02 that you wanted to be included on the C of PC Potential Buyer List, PLEASE repeat your request to me privately ... jewelle@... Thank you!


      Hello Everyone!!
      First of all, I apologize if some of you get inundated with my post, as I plan to send it to all the List to which I belong.... so, please, bear with me and interact ... or delete!! <BigSmile>

      For years, my members in our GENPCNCFIR Group have been clambering for either a copy or reprint of the Chronicles of Pitt County.... and of course, none were available. All were completely sold out! Now!!! I have great news!!!

      I have it on absolute authority that a reprint/update of the Chronicles of Pitt County are forthcoming ... just a matter of finding the funding to-date... and inasmuch as Pitt County is the root of SO many families that migrated to adjoining counties and outlying states, I feel compel to share with all of you the excitement and activity that has been generated in our dynamic Group, GENPCNCFIR, reference this. Our Archives are Open To The Public so, if interested, check it out: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genpcncfir/messages Search Engines are available.

      More than likely, updates to existing family material will be forthcoming, plus additional new family histories documented. If your roots began in Pitt and you want to be included, begin compiling your information now. Space may be limited. The Pitt Co Historical Society is in the process now of finding funding for their project.

      As a stimulus to them (Pitt County Historical Society), and.... to get your name in the pot... it was suggested that I start a List of Potential Buyers to present to the Society. All interested persons, please send to me PERSONALLY ... jewelle@... NOT THROUGH THE LIST... (we don't want to clutter mailboxes unnecessarily) your full name, address, any constructive comments, and/or whether or not you have a desire to be included in the new edition or have constructive suggestions for funding or ... happily... even willing to make a donation toward the cost (do not send funds to me, only information). No.. I am NOT a member of the Society nor do I have an ulterior motive!!! .... only a desire to see this new Chronicle in print again!!

      I have been advised that the potential selling price will probably be in the range of $50.00 to $100.00. Well worth every penny, IMHO... and a treasure-trove to anyone's personal genealogical library.

      Thanks for your participation and I look forward to hearing from you. You will be updated on results from time to time.
      Jewelle Baker

      Researching: (Main Capitalized)
      BAKER, Barrow, BEAMAN, BLOUNT, Bonner, Bours, Braxton, CANNON, Carraway,
      COX, Chester, Dail, ELLIS, Faircloth, Gardner, HANCOCK, HARDEE, Hardison,
      Harris, Harper, Harrington, Heath, Hollyman (all sp), JACKSON, Johnson,
      Jones, Letchworth, Manning, McGLOHON (all sp), McGOWAN, McKeel, Mills,
      Mitchell, Mumford, PHILLIPS, Price, Shaw, Smith, Sumrell, Stocks, Stokes,
      Tyson, Vandiford, Walls, Walston, Weeks, Wilkerson, WINGATE, Wetherington,
      Worthington, plus ++++

      GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research
      (Serving all Eastern/Coastal NC Counties)

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