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Capt. John NELSON descendants Reunion Plans

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group.... Our Kinston paper ran the below article recently ... so again, I m repeating this information for your perusal. This may be a good time to
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      Hello Group....
      Our Kinston paper ran the below article recently ... so again, I'm repeating this information for your perusal. This may be a good time to find some of your missing cousins!! North Carolina is beautiful in October..... especially Atlantic Beach, which is right across Bogue Sound at Morehead City!!

      If any of the SURNAMES below match yours, contact the Association for information. Note Contact Sources at end of article.

      Kinston Free Press
      Story ran : 07/26/2002
      Nelson association looks for relatives
      Nelson association looks for relatives

      By The Free Press

      The Capt. John Nelson Association is making plans for a large family gathering the last of October. Since Capt. John lived in the 1700s, his descendants have spread far and wide.

      In order to reach those who might wish to attend, the association is publicizing pertinent information, Web sites, e-mail addresses and phone numbers that might be helpful to obtain additional information, registration forms and to submit genealogy for a book to be published.

      If NELSON, BISHOP, FULFORD, WILLIS (or WILLISTON), LUPTON, TAYLOR, STYRON, WALLACE or ROBINSON is your surname or in your family lines, and your ancestors came from Eastern North Carolina, the association is attempting to notify you of the upcoming Tricentennial Celebration to be held October 25-27, 2002, in Morehead City.

      In 1702, Capt. John Nelson received his first land grant in North Carolina. He developed large plantations on the coastal waters of Core Sound and the Neuse River in what is now Carteret and Craven counties. Four children are known - James, Thomas, Sarah and John.

      In the early 1800s a large part of the family traveled by ox carts to Alabama to settle. Some also went into Kentucky and Tennessee. The Nelsons married into the above-mentioned names in North Carolina and have since added many more surnames. You may need to dig up some old family records and trace some family roots. When you have it collected, be sure to submit it to Hannah Beasley, genealogist, to be included in a book to be published.

      Now, 300 years later, the family wants to honor this ancestor and bring his descendants together for a weekend of fun and fellowship.

      For more information call or e-mail: Tibbie Roberts, president, (252) 726-6384, tibbie@...; Sandra Gaskill, public relations, (252) 225-8971, sandragaskill@...; Hannah Beasley, genealogist, (252) 728-5046, jandh.beasley@... or Dottie Lynch, membership, (252) 728-3394, cliffndottie@....

      The Web page is http://www.captjohnnelson.org

      We wish for them a successful and happy Reunion!


      Main SURNAMES;

      GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research

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