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Refresher Post Civil War Symposium(Msg#6797)

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  • Jewelle Baker
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
      >From: "Jane Phillips" <diamondg@...>
      >Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 10:59:25 -0500
      >Subject: [NCLENOIR] Civil War Symposium
      >Civil War Symposium in
      >Kinston, North Carolina
      >All people interested in Lenoir County and Civil War history will
      >have an opportunity to learn details about the Battle of Kinston, the
      >Battle of Wyse Fork and how people in Kinston and Lenoir County
      >survived the war. The event will begin with a dinner at the Community
      >Council for the Arts Friday evening March 1 and continue with
      >speakers in the Lenoir Community College main building auditorium on
      >Saturday March 2 and closing with a self-conducted driving tour on
      >Sunday March 3
      >A distinguished group of speakers will provide new insight into
      >the times and events of 1861-1865. Dr. Charles Bryan, Executive
      >Director of the Virginia Historical Society will discuss the
      >publication of "The Eye of the Storm" based on the daily notes and
      >sketches of a northern soldier which were lost for nearly a hundred
      >years. Some of the sketches will be exhibited.
      >Saturday's program will consist of:
      >Mr. Donnie Taylor, site manager of the Bentonville
      >Battlefield Site, will give a description of the two battles. Wyse
      >Fork was the second largest Civil War battle fought in North Carolina.
      >Dr. David Long of East Carolina university will describe the
      >role of slaves and freemen and women before and after the Emancipation
      >Proclamation. James City near New Bern was established at this time.
      >Dr. Clifford Tyndall of Wilmington will present a host of
      >information gathered for his master's thesis, "Civil war in Lenoir
      >County". He will include comments on business, house life and
      >military hangings which took place in Lenoir County.
      >A map and commentary will be available for self-guided tours
      >of the battlefields and other related sights.
      >Registration may be available by calling Harmony Hall between
      >10am and 1pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday or by mailing to Lenoir
      >County Historical Association, P. O. Box 1132, Kinston, N.C. 28503.
      >The cost is $35 for the 3 day event but dinner only reservation can be
      >made for $20 per person for Friday night.
      >The Symposium is sponsored by the Lenoir County Historical
      >Association and co-sponsored by the Historical Preservation Group, The
      >Community Council for the Arts, Lenoir Community College, Black
      >Heritage Museum Project, the Neuse Regional Library, Sons of
      >Confederate Veterans, Daughters of the Confederacy and members of the
      >Caswell-CSS Neuse Historic Site.
      >Hello Group...
      >This should be of interest to many of you. Forwarded with Jane Phillips
      >I'll keep you abreast of the events.
      >Main Surnames:
      >McGLAWHORN (all sp), WINGATE, +++
      >GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research

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