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  • mhaddock
    Unfamiliar with Thomas Harold Haddock, but know Clay Root from old Pitt deeds of Haddock Family. I presume that has some connection with Little Clayroot
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 1998
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      Unfamiliar with Thomas Harold Haddock, but know "Clay Root" from old Pitt
      deeds of Haddock Family. I presume that has some connection with "Little
      Clayroot Swamp". In several of the old deeds Cedar,Indian Wells
      "Thoraughfares" Swamps were mentioned. As well as Swift Creek and the
      southside of the Tar River. In my mind's eye, I pictured the area as much
      like the Okefenokee Swamp of SE Ga. Not so ,I have been told. You must
      have drained a lot of it off.I quess you're not that close to Pamlico Sound,
      which looks to be low and wet. It's natural for descendants of Pitt to try
      and picture the area. Someone in our Xgroup asked the other day what did it
      look like ca. 1800. No one attempted to answer. Yes I am familiar with
      your web pgs, I have never been there personally to research anything.
      But some of my cousins had been to Pitt and had liason with contacts there
      the Blounts/Suttons/Mills. But that liason was broken years ago by deaths
      on @ side. Yes I have found your members to be most friendly and helpful and
      some of them have a good sense of humor. Your accents (I think)and manner
      of speach is quite similiar to SW Ga. Odell is a good southern name, I
      know Odells of both gender who use it. I know of two Carrie Haddocks, but
      no Carrie Lee. Most of the Haddocks I know would be old timers, I suspect
      Odell/Carrie Lee would be to modern for my files. By the way what surnames
      are you researching? I've noticed the name Gualermus in the old Pitt deeds
      ,is it phonetically related to your name? Those old timers couldn't spell
      worth a flip. I think I acquired that trait from my Pitt Ancestors. Thank
      you for the information Janice. Bud H.

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      From: Janice Gurganus <janicegurganus@...>
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      Date: Tuesday, November 10, 1998 1:44 PM
      Subject: Re: I love it!

      >My sister was married to Thomas Harold Haddock of Clay Root (no kidding),
      >Pitt Co, NC; his parents are Odell and Carrie Lee Haddock (same area).
      >We do not have a Haddock publication, but when I go to our library again,
      >I'll check for Haddocks in the file. I see in the Pitt County Family
      >Researchers' (PCFR) Surname Book that we have 13 members researching
      >HADDOCK. You might find some useful information on our web site
      >(http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/1908/index.html) or, better still,
      >could spend one of the best $20 you've ever spent and join PCFR!!! Our
      >members are friendly and very helpful.
      >If you decide to join us, you may download a subscription form and query
      >form from our web site and send them, along with your check (payable to
      >PCFR) for $20, to Pitt County Family Researchers, P. O. Box 20339,
      >Greenville, NC 27858-0339. Please include a pedigree chart and family
      >information--especially your surnames. These will be filed in our library
      >at Pitt Community College where they will be available to our members for
      >research. I use a cross-reference filing system so many researchers are
      >sure to view these files.
      >Please keep in touch--even if you don't join us. I'll be alert for Haddock
      >information for you.

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