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FYI Another Gleaned: Fwd: EARLY NC GRANTS

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  • Jewelle Baker
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2001
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      >Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 15:30:00 EDT
      >From: "Barbara A. Shore" <DavidS3919@...>
      >Subject: [NC-SC] EARLY NC GRANTS
      >Hi All,
      >With the recent interest in early NC land grants, I thought I would tell you
      >about some information I came across years ago,on some land grants for the
      >1681-1706 time period. This information is taken from some old North
      >Carolina Genealogy Journals beginning with the Fall/Winter 1971 issue.
      >The first and oldest county in NC was Albemarle Co. dating from 1663. The
      >Co. was abolished in 1739 and from it the following 7 counties were formed:
      >Bertie, Chowan, Currituck, Edgecombe, Pasquotank, Perquimans and Tyrrell.
      >To encourage settlers to come to Carolina, a law was enacted to give 50 acres
      >of land to each and all persons coming into the colony, such persons being
      >designated as "headrights," Each headright was issued to the person who
      >transported himself into Carolina and those persons who transported others
      >into the colony held the "right" of those he transported.
      >These records are located in Albemarle--Book of Warrants and Surveys
      >1681-1706, File No. SS978.1 in the NC Archives. They were abstracted and
      >printed in the NC Genealogy Journal, as I said above, beginning with the
      >Fall/Winter 1971 issue. Included among the headrights were many negroes,
      >Indians and persons designated as English, French, etc. These records
      >provide documentary proof of the immigration into the Careolina of many of
      >our ancestors and often provide names of wives and children, data not found
      >elsewhere in most instances.
      >The following are a few examples:
      >1693 - James COOPER proved 4 rights: himself, Christian, Elizabeth and Jane
      >1694 - Saml. DAVIS proved 14 rights: Wm.Hall, Eliz. Hall, Sarah Hall, Tony,
      >a Negroe, Jack & Margreet--Negroes, Samuel Davis, Eliz. Davis, Tho. Gregory,
      >Rich. Gregory, Eliz. Gregory, Eliz. Davis 2 times, An Davis. A Warrant
      >1694 - John CHESTON, 300 acres for 6 persons: Eliz. Cheston, Martha, Mary,
      >Archibel, Hanah and Sarah Cheston.
      >1694 - Benjamin WEST proved 2 rights: Benjamin West and Francis West. Also
      >John Morgan and Eliz. Morgan by assignment. A warrant given with two
      >Most larger libraries have the old NC Genealogy Journals. They may be on
      >microfilm or fiche from Salt Lake for viewing in a Family History Center.
      >Barbara S.

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