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  • Paula Baker
    I m sure you have this, put this page has their tombstone inscriptions. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/1767/Post.txt Paula Anne Baker
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      I'm sure you have this, put this page has their tombstone inscriptions.

      Paula Anne Baker
      Researching BAKER, MANNING, TYSON, STOCKS AND OTHERS in Pitt County NC and
      Greene County NC

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      Subject: [genpcncfir]
      Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 10:11:09 -0500

      I am searching for information on a Thomas Abel Briley. He MAY have been
      from Pitt Co., NC. I have not been able to connect him with another Briley
      family. I would love to find his parents and siblings. Has anyone out
      there researching Pitt Co. ever run across him? Also,his wife Mary Ann
      "Polly" Revell?

      Descendants of Thomas Abel Briley

      Generation No. 1

      1. THOMAS ABEL1 BRILEY was born March 24, 1806 in North Carolina, and died
      May 11, 1881 in Ozark, Dale Co., AL. He married MARY ANN "POLLY" REVELL in
      N.C.. She was born September 23, 1803 in North Carolina, and died March 27,
      1885 in Ozark, Dale Co., AL.

      Notes for THOMAS ABEL BRILEY:
      Nov. 1855 - Abel Briley was security for the estate of Pancy Ballard (or
      Hall) Tapley Dillard was Adms. Est. [pg. 285 Hist. of Chattahoochee Co.,
      Ga by Rogers. ]

      May 5, 1856 Abel Briley was Admr. Est of William Stephens. [pg. 285
      History of Chattahoochee Co., Ga. by Rogers. ]

      Tax Digest for 1857 in Cusseta, Ga - Abel Briley lived in District 678 In
      the same district lived John Dillard, Sterling Dillard and Martha Dean.
      Also, Matthew Revel, Sanders Revel, and William Briley. (pg. 33, Hy of
      Chatt...by Rogers).

      Moved to Dale Co., AL from GA after 1857. Bought land adjoining the Dillard
      land. Built a farm home and his house was the first painted house in that
      area. Said to have come from an aristocratic family. Probably born in PA.
      (or Pittsylvania Co., NC) and moved to NC before he married. Then moved to
      GA. where his children were born.

      Buried at Post Oak Cemetery, Ozark, Al.

      Could Kade and Micajah be the same person?

      More About THOMAS ABEL BRILEY:
      Burial: Post Oak Cemetery, Ozark, Dale County, AL
      Census: 1850, GA
      Lived: 1855, Chattahoochee Co., GA

      Notes for MARY ANN "POLLY" REVELL:
      Post Oak Cemetery, Ozark, Al.

      Can this be Polly's brother? Right time - right place!

      1850 Muscogee Co., GA Census has a Matthew Revell 58 North Hampton Co.,
      NC; Marial 48 NC; Elizabeth 26 Twigg Co., GA; Sarah A 24 Twigg Co, GA;
      Sanders 19 Talbot Co., GA; S. Frances 17 Talbot Co, GA; Amanda 15 Talbot
      Co., GA; Robert W 13 Talbot Co., GA; Martha (J) 8 Talbot Co., GA.

      More About MARY ANN "POLLY" REVELL:
      Burial: Post Oak Cemetery, Ozark, Dale County, AL

      Marriage: N.C.

      Children of THOMAS BRILEY and MARY REVELL are:
      i. MARTHA2 BRILEY, b. Abt. 1825, North Carolina; m. MATTIE KING; b. Bef.
      ii. SARAH ANN BRILEY, b. Abt. 1827, North Carolina; m. WILLIAM STEPHENS,
      January 18, 1849, Columbus, Muscogee Co., GA1; b. Abt. 1827.

      Marriage: January 18, 1849, Columbus, Muscogee Co., GA1

      iii. LIZA BRILEY, b. Abt. 1830, North Carolina or Georgia; m. WILLIAM HILL.
      2. iv. MARY ANN BRILEY, b. August 15, 1835, Muscogee Co., Ga.; d. July 12,
      1914, Ozark, Dale Co., AL.
      v. WILLIAM L. BRILEY, b. Abt. 1836, Georgia; m. ? SPIVEY.

      Notes for WILLIAM L. BRILEY:
      William was a cabinet maker and he made the wardrobe that is now in the
      possession of Lois Lindsey of Tuscaloosa, AL. It was made before the civil
      war of hard pine lumber and was hand planed.

      Info. from notes made by Mary Dean Hazen.

      vi. KADE BRILEY, b. Abt. 1837; m. MARY PHILLIPS.

      Notes for KADE BRILEY:
      I believe that Kade and Micajah might be the same person. Found a marriage
      of Micajah with Mary E. Phillips. Nothing on Kade... 3-17 2001 JH

      3. vii. ANGELINE BRILEY, b. November 01, 1839, GA; d. March 21, 1907.
      4. viii. MICAJAH BRILEY, b. Abt. 1839, North Carolina.

      Generation No. 2

      2. MARY ANN2 BRILEY (THOMAS ABEL1) was born August 15, 1835 in Muscogee
      Co., Ga., and died July 12, 1914 in Ozark, Dale Co., AL2. She married
      CRAWFORD GEORGE DILLARD 1852 in Muscogee Co., Ga., son of JOHN DILLARD and
      HILEY WATSON. He was born June 18, 1832 in Walton Co., Ga, and died
      November 19, 1921 in Ozark, Dale Co., AL3.

      Notes for MARY ANN BRILEY:
      Before she married Crawford George Dillard, Mary Ann is said to have made
      thread in a factory in Columbus, GA.

      During the Civil War, Mary Ann carried on with the farming, made cloth for
      their clothes, used seed to make dye for cloth, spun wool and cotton to make
      yarn and made socks for her family. She also made enough money to pay off
      the debt on the farm in confederate money just before the peace.

      The above from notes by Mary Dean Hazen

      Mary Ann is buried in Post Oak Cemetery, Ozark, Dale County, AL. Her marker
      is the tallest one in the cemetery. It says "A true companion I found her
      and a faithful friend."

      More About MARY ANN BRILEY:
      Burial: Post Oak Cemetery, Ozark, Dale County, AL

      Crawford George Dillard was born in Muscogee Co, Ga, near Columbus in 1832.
      He married Mary Briley in 1852. He moved with his wife and children to
      Ozark, in Dale Co., AL where he, his father John Dillard, and his brothers
      bought a large tract of land. Crawford had been an overseer on a large
      plantation in Georgia. He served as a private under General Graves
      throughout the Civil War. Later he built a large home, a workshop, a syrup
      making outfit and other buildings connected with farming his land. He
      could, and did, set fractures, extract teeth, cut hair, make furniture and
      barbecue to a turn, in addition to farming and making shoes for his family.
      Crawford belonged to the Masonic Lodge and the Primitive Baptist Church.
      The church he attended in Dale Co. is now used as a Black church and is just
      below Center Ridge on old Hwy. 231.

      -Taken from notes by Mary D. Hazen

      Judy Howington
      Assistant Director
      Tuscaloosa Public LIbrary
      1801 Jack Warner Parkway
      Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

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