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      North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1660-1790
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      NameLocationWill DateProbate Date
      Samuel WilliamsBertie Precinct16 Apr 1736- Nov 1736

      Legatees: Elizabeth and Samuel Williams (children of George). Brother and Executor: George. Witnesses: Jno. Simpson, Edward Herrin, Walter Pitts. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns.

      Samuel WilliamsEdgecombe County18 Nov 1748- Feb 1748

      Sons: Sampson and William (land "adjoining to the Taylor's in the Island as I leased of Mrs. Johnston"), Jacob and George ("the manner plantation" and land on Beaverdam Swamp), Samuel. Daughter: Creese Williams. To sons and daughter are bequeathed five negroes. Wife and Executrix: Jane. Witnesses: John Pope, John Crudup, Mourning Crudup. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      Samuel WilliamsEdgecombe County21 Oct 1753- Feb 1754

      Sons: William, Solomon, Samuel (land on Mush Island bought of Robert Lang), Joseph John Williams (about 800 acres of land bought of John Burt and John Egerton, and adjoining Yancey's line and the Reedy Branch). To two last named sons are devised 11 negroes. Grandson: Samuel Williams. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Philip Alston and Benjamin Wynns. Witnesses: Thomas and Edmund Kearny, James Alston. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. Coat of arms on seal.

      Moses WoodBertie County08 Mar 1757- Apr 1757

      Brother: James Wood, Executor. Sister: Sarah Baker. Witnesses: Thomas Baker, Jonathan Wood, Joseph Farmer, Thos. Crew. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      Joseph WotsfordBertie County27 Jul 1737- Nov 1739

      Sons: John ("my mannor plantation"), Joseph. Daughters: Mary Wotsford, Elizabeth Vallentine. Other legatee: Martha Maynor. Wife and Executrix: Elinor. Trustee: Wm. Wesson (brother). Witnesses: Jno. Wynns, Benjamin Hargrove, Edward Tidmon. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns.

      William WynnsBertie County03 Dec 1757- Apr 1758

      Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Daughter: Penelope. Son: "unnamed." Executors: Benjamin Wynns (brother), John Harrell. Witnesses: Thomas Bonnifant, Geo. Wynns, William Barton. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. Coat of arms on seal.

      George WynnsBertie County02 Feb 1750-1751- May 1751

      Sons: John (two negroes), Joseph (one negro), Benjamin (three negroes), William (three negroes), George (lands and five negroes, copper brandy still). Daughter: Mary Sessums, wife of Culmen Sessums (one negro); Sarah, wife of Peter Evans (one negro). Wife: Rose. Executors: Benjamin and William (sons). Witnesses: Jno. Baker, Thos. Lee, Jno. Harrell, Jas. Boon. Clerk of the Court: Samuel Ormes.

      John WynnsBertie County10 Feb 1750- May 1753

      "Winnson." Sons: James Boon ("the mannour plantation" and two negroes), Watkin William (Ferry plantation, and land called Blind Islands), John Augustus (land called Bridge Neck, 400 acres of "lightwood land" and two negroes). Daughters: Mary Anne (lands bought of Peeke and Hallum, and two negroes), Sarah Amelia (plantation called Morrises and Cuba, and two negro slaves), Wynney Caroline (land called Sharpe's Neck, and two negroes). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executors: Benjamin and William Wynns (brothers), James Boone and Watkin William Wynns (sons). Witnesses: Jos. Wynns, Stethn. Hooker, William Hooker, Junr., Ephraim Hunter, Benjamin Basker. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.




      Without documentation, I'm just a "name collector", not a "family historian".


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