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      North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1660-1790
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      NameLocationWill DateProbate Date
      Joseph HowellEdgecombe County10 Jan 1749- May 1750

      Sons: Joseph, Thomas (land on Herricks Creek). Daughters: Mary, Murphrey and Martha. Wife and Executrix: Margett. Executors: Joseph Howell (son), Coll. J. Dawson, Samuel Ruffin, Thomas Howell and Joseph Henderson. Witnesses: Jos. Williamson, Jas. Barran, Thos. Barran. Clerk of Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      Thomas JacksonBertie County15 Mar 1746- May 1753

      Sons: Thomas ("plantation known as Mount Garriot, together with my ferry"), William (plantation bought of Richard Martin), John (plantation in Northampton County), James (plantation in Bertie County). Wife's daughter: Elizabeth Hammond Griffin. Wife: Hester. Executors: John Brown, son of Dr. Jas, Brown, dec'd, Benjamin Wynns and Hester Jackson. Brother: Jeremiah Jackson of Boston. Codicil dated April 9, 1749, changes division of land among sons, and appoints as Executors: Benjamin Wynns, William Wynns and Hester Jackson. No witnesses or signature to codicil. Witnesses to will: Wm. Power, James Griffin, Betty Griffin, Cathern Conner. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      Henry JerniginBertie Precinct09 May 1736- Aug 1736

      Sons: Henry (80 acres of land), Jacob ("my plantation"), Jesse (80 acres of land), Dempsie ("plantation I bought of Thomas Watson"). Daughter: Ann Jones. Wife: Phebe. Executors: Henry and Jacob Jernigin. To Henry is also given land in Va. in north side of Summersetts Creek. Witnesses: Theophilus Williams, John Jernigan, Bennett Blackman. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns.

      John JohnsonBrunswick County01 Mar 1750- Feb 1752

      St. Andrews Parish in Brunswick County. Son and Executor: William ("my land and plantation"). Daughters: Amey Mitchell and Ann Jelks. Granddaughters: Martha and Anne (daughters of William). Witnesses: John Carrell, William Holloway and William Moseley. Clerk of Edgecombe Court: Benj'n Wynns.

      Isam JonesEdgecombe County24 Apr 1753- Nov 1753

      Wife: Mary. Daughter: Creacy. Executor: Wallis Jones. Witnesses: Richard Burd, Matthew Jones. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns.

      Sr. John JonesBertie Precinct17 Mar 1735- May 1736

      Sons: James, Frederick ("my plantation"), John, Joseph. Grandson: Abraham Jones. Daughters: Ann Cotten, Mary Bonner. Wife: Martha. Trustees: John Brown, John Battle, William Mears. Executor: John Jones (son). Witnesses: P. Hanford, James Douglass, Elizabeth Oquin. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns.

      Thomas JonesBertie County- - 1754 

      Petty Shore in Bertie County. Legatees: Margret Webb (widow of Samuel Webb), Samuel Webb (son of Margret), Henry Hill, John Campbell (of Lazy Hill). Executor: John Campbell. No signature. No witnesses. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs by Benjamin Wynns, Alexander Ford and Joseph Heron, who made oath as to the handwriting of the testator.

      William JonesEdgecombe County27 Nov 1749- Aug 1750

      Sons: Dreury, Peter ("plantation whereon I now live"), Isam (grist mill). Arbitrators to divide land: Thomas Hill, George Nicholson, John Clark, Wallis Jones. Executors: Sarah Jones (wife) and Wallis Jones. Witnesses: Thomas Thrower, William Atkison, Winnifred Atkison. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      John KeelandEdgecombe County21 Jan 175224 Mar 1752

      Executor and sole legatee: James Carter. This is a nuncupative will proven by William Hornsby, William Taylor and Cattren Carter. Clerk of Court: Benj'n Wynns. Proven before Gab. Johnston.

      Christian LaneEdgecombe County05 Oct 1747- May 1748

      Daughters: Sarah and Mary Lane. Son: Abraham. Other legatees: Christian Hill. Executor: Abraham Hill. Witnesses: Stephen Jackson, Sarah Hill. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns.




      Without documentation, I'm just a "name collector", not a "family historian".


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