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  • Robert L. Capps
    Hope these will abstracts will help someone. ... John Allen Bertie County 08 Jan 1735-1736 - Aug 1736 Will Sons: William and Richard. Daughters:
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      Hope these will abstracts will help someone.
      WYNNS page 1

      North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1660-1790

      NameLocationWill DateProbate Date
      John AllenBertie County08 Jan 1735-1736- Aug 1736

      Sons: William and Richard. Daughters: Cathrine and Margaret Allin. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Thomas Manden, Isaac Ricks and Henry Tudor. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns.

      Nicholas BaggettBertie County09 Jan 1753- Apr 1755

      Sons: Benjamin, Nicholas, Abraham, Joseph, Barnabey, Thomas ("the plantation whereon I now live"), Hardy, John. Daughters: Mary West, Martha Baggett, Elizabeth Ward, Sarah Baggett. Wife: Mary. Executors: Joseph and Thomas Baggett (sons). Witnesses: Charles Horne, John Hooks. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      John BattleBertie County22 Apr 1740- May 1740

      Sons: William, Jesse. Daughters: Prissilla Battle, Sarah Battle. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Sarah Battle (wife), William Battle (brother). Witnesses: William Knight, James Griffen, Martha Knight. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns.

      James BeasleyBertie County02 Jan 1758- Jan 1758

      William Bentley (son of John Bentley). Godson: Luke Smethwick. Executors: John Smethwick, Jno. Ward. Witnesses: Jon. Smethwick, Edmund Smethwick. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns.

      George BellEdgecombe County21 Dec 1751- Feb 1752

      Sons: Arthur, George, William. Daughter: Elizabeth Floyd. Granddaughter: Mary Bell. Executors: Francis Floyd and Arthur Bell. Witnesses: William Partis, Thos. Bell, Thos. Floyd. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns.

      William BellEdgecombe County01 Dec 1752- May -; - Aug 1754

      Sons: Arthur Bell (390 acres land in the River Island), Joshua Bell (plantation where he now lives). Daughters: Mary Pyrent, Anne Bell. Executors: Arthur and Joshua Bell. Witnesses: James Atkison, William Cain, Rebecah Cain. Clerk of Court: Ben'j. Wynns.

      Sr. John BeverleyBertie County22 Dec 1737- Feb 1737

      Sons: John and Robert (to whom is bequeathed "the manner plantation"). Daughters: Sarah Cox, Mary Peek. Granddaughters: Rachel Beverley, Sarah Beverley. Grandsons: William Cox, William and Henry Beverley. Wife: Margarett Beverly. Executors: John Jones and Joseph Jones. Witnesses: James Douglass, Eliza Douglass and John Sutton. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns.

      John BlackmanBertie County19 Nov 1736- Nov 1736

      Wife: Sarah. Sons: John, Bennet, Arthur, Joseph, Steaven. Daughter: Elizabeth. Executors: Bennet Blackman (son) and Theophilus Williams. Witnesses: William Taylor, Arthur Maikdsunace, Phebe Jernigan. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns.

      John BobbitBertie County07 May 173606 Nov 1736

      Son: William (100 acres land in the "Orraneechey Neck"). Son: Thomas (100 acres land in the "Orraneechey Neck"). Daughters: Francis, Mary and Amey. Executors: William Bobbit, Robert Green, John Massy and James Brogden. Witnesses: Francis Bettes, Richard Massy, Francis Massy, and C. Evans. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns:

      Thomas BonnerBertie County11 Nov 1755- Apr 1756

      Sons: Thomas, Henry, Moses. Daughters: Ester More, Elisebath Wheler, Anna Byrde, Sarah Wharton, Pachence Byrde. Wife: Elisebath Bonner. Executrix: Elisebath Bonner (wife). Witnesses: Moses Bonner, Edmon Byrde, Arthur Moor, Abraham Blitchenden. Clerk of the Court: Benjn Wynns. Wm. Wynns, P. J.


      Without documentation, I'm just a "name collector", not a "family


    • NULAT@aol.com
      Hi Marilyn, I just went to this URL and copied all of the Bertie Wills. Thanks so much. Nula
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        Hi Marilyn,

        I just went to this URL and copied all of the Bertie Wills.  

        Thanks so much.

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