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Re: [genpcfr] need Pitt Co Will lookup

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  • Tracy Stancil
    Rylaff I have studied the Cobbs of Pitt Co a little bit. As Betsy has already told you, there are only a handful of surviving Pitt Co. wills dated prior to
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2001
      I have studied the Cobbs of Pitt Co a little bit. As Betsy has already told you, there are only a handful of surviving Pitt Co. wills dated prior to 1858 and as far as I know there are no Cobb wills amoung them. Because of the scarcity of records and the repetitive use of names, the Cobbs have proven especially difficult. If you require absolute proof, it may be difficult to trace this family.
      I would be interested in knowing the generations in your Cobb family and exactly what tie you have established to Pitt Co. It seems that the Cobbs lived on the border between Pitt and Edgecombe Counties and moved back and forth between the two. Also in approximately 1801 it appears that a portion of Pitt Co was annexed to Edgecombe so that after that date some of the Cobbs who had previously been in Pitt were in Edgecombe. No work on these Cobbs can be complete without a thorough examination of the records of Pitt and Edgecombe Counties. As you will see later, some of these Cobbs also went to the Sampson Co area of NC.
      My grasp on the Cobbs is not yet as firm as I would like, but I will attempt to share what I can. Please note that I do not yet have any knowledge of the Sampson Co folks other than what is contained in a deed which I will include later.
       You inquired about a James or Reuben Cobb who died between 1789 and 1799.
      There were several James and Reuben's. The death of one James Cobb is acknowledged in several Pitt Co deeds the most important of which is Deed Book V p. 79:
      Date 1-22-1813
      James Norville and Nancy his wife of Edgecombe CO.
      Theophilus Norville and Priscilla his wife of Edgecombe
      Seley Cobb-Edgecombe
      Polly Cobb-Edgecombe
      Hardee Cobb- Martin Co
      Grantee: Benjamin Atkinson
      Note: Nancy, Priscilla, Seley, Polly, and Hardee were identified as children of James Cobb dec'd. Two sons were mentioned who were minors at the death of their father. They were Hartwell and Norman. The father James had died between 1798 and January 1800 as evidenced in other deeds.
      There is no proof that I can find as to the father of this James Cobb. However, I believe the most likely candidate is Edward Cobb III of Edgecombe Co. who was probably born ca 1710's. Two reasons I believe Edward III was James' father. Edward III was closely associated with the Bullock family. The children of James dec'd ca 1799 are also identified as heirs of an Agnes Bullock in other deeds. This plus the fact that many of James children had settled in Edgecombe Co.
      Edward Cobb III of Edgecombe was born ca 1710's in Isle of Wight Co. VA. He was the son of Edward Cobb Jr. whose will was dated Aug. 22, 1742.
      Edward Cobb Jr. was the son of Edward Cobb Sr. of Isle of Wight VA. Edward Sr's will was written Nov. 26, 1729 and probated Mar. 22, 1731.
      Edward Cobb Sr's father was Nicholas Cobb probably born ca 1620's and died about 1686. He gave a noncupative- or oral- will which was proven in  court in Isle of Wight on May 8, 1686.
      It is suspected that Nicholas Cobb's father may have been Joseph Cobb who immigrated from Amsterdam to Jamestown VA in 1613. A case can be made but there is no proof.
      There is no record of a Reuben Cobb who died in late 1700's. The following shows Reuben Cobb died ca 1820- no date on the deed, not sure of the year but it was prior to the census of 1820.
      Deed Book CC p. 37
      Grantor: Reuben Cobb dec'd
      Keziah Cobb widow
      James Cobb , brother, of Sampson Co.
      Reading Cobb, brother, of Sampson Co.
      Mary Cobb, sister, of Sampson Co.
      Charity Thomas, sister, and her husband William Thomas of Sampson Co.
      Martha Cobb, sister,
      Elizabeth Peaden, sister, and her husband Patrick
      Silvia Truss, sister, and her husband Samuel Truss of Alabama
      Obediah Cobb, nephew, of Sampson Co.
      Mary McIlwain, neice, and her husban Benjamin of Georgia
      Rusha Cobb, neice
      Note- Reuben and Keziah had no children. Obediah, Mary McIlwain, and Rusha were children of Reuben's brother David who was dec'd.
      Following is a deed that I believe refers to Reuben's brother David who was dec'd .
      Deed Book S p. 394 Dated Jan. 13, 1813
      Grantor: David Cobb Jr.
      Mary Spain(Spain not definite but probable) and her husband Benjamin
      David Cobb
      Joseph Cobb
      Obed. Cobb
      Reuben Cobb
      This is a Division of Land so the grantor was dead. This is a little confusing. The grantees are believed to be children of David Jr.
      You will notice that David had a son named Reuben and we already established that he had a brother Reuben. This of coarse was common practice to name sons after the father's brothers.
      Now, I'm not sure that there is absolute proof, but I believe the father of David Jr dec'd 1813 and Reuben dec'd ca 1820 was James Cobb Jr of Pitt-who is not the same James Cobb who died ca 1799. This based on deed associations that I won't take the time to type out here.
      James Jr of Pitt was I believe the son of James Cobb Sr. of Pitt who was born ca 1710's in Isle of Wight Co. VA.
      James Sr of Pitt and Edward III of Edgecombe were brothers. Isle of Wight records show that after the death of their father Edward Jr in the 1740's,  sons James and Edward sold their land and came to NC. A deed dated Oct. 28, 1751 shows James Cobb was by that time in NC  and it was at this time that he sold the last of his land in Isle of Wight Co.
      James Sr and Edward III had come to Beaufort Co. where they together witnessed a deed between Summerells- date 1755.
      Note James Sr and Edward III's sister Ann had married Thomas Summerell in Isle of Wight.
      I hope all this helps rather than confuses you and if anyone has info to share or corrections to make I would welcome the input.
      At least all this gives you an idea where the Pitt Co. Cobbs came from. The family in VA is pretty well documented and it is only after they arrived in Beaufort and Pitt and later still Edgecombe that it gets sticky.
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      Subject: [genpcfr] need Pitt Co Will lookup

      Hello, I have just joined this group. I have tracked my Cobb line
      back to Pitt Co. Now the fun really begins. Can anyone do a lookup
      for me in an abstract of wills book? I am looking for a James or
      Reuben Cobb, who died in either 1789 or 1799. Thanks a bunch .

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