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  • Martha Marble
    Since this surname is found in Greene and Pitt thought I would forward it. Martha ... (http://www.home.mpinet.net/drmccoy/Th
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2000
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      Since this surname is found in Greene and Pitt thought I would forward it.


      >From: "Robert Hill" <hilquin@...>
      >To: "Martha Marble" <mmarble@...>, <Kayfra1@...>
      >Subject: Fw: [NCLENOIR] Fw: David R. McCoy's Ancestors and Relatives
      >Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 12:54:07 -0400
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      >The Frizzell/Frazel/Frazzells are in my mother's lineage. Thought you would
      >be interested in the following. I have the Frizells back to Framingham
      >Mass. back to James Frizell, born about 1627. The early work was done by
      >compiler Marie Davlin Moore, Irving TX dated Sept. 1988. I received a copy
      >of this recently from Byron Frazelle & his wife( a Koonce) who live in
      >Richlands, Onslow County, NC. She has been chasing genealogy for a long
      >time and is a member of the Richlands Thomas Johnston DAR Chapter, as was my
      >mother. Anything of interest here? Do you have that on down to Samuel James
      >Frazel, etc? Samuel James Frazel & his wife Rebecca Johnston (Sylvester the
      >1st time married to Nathaniel Sylvester) had several kids. One of them was
      >Jerome Bonaparte Frazel who married Athalia Barry & had my GGrandfmother
      >Louisiana Frazel. She married Brinson Venters,CSA(I also have the Venters
      >line back to 1605). They had my mother's mother Louisiana Jeanette Venters.
      >She married Robert Dudley Thompson of Richlands TWP, Onslow, NC etc. My
      >mother married Clarence Coy Hill, originally Lenoir County, but resided in
      >RIchlands for his last approx. 65 years.Let me know if you have more on all
      >of this or if I can share with you? I was born in
      >RIchlands, graduated from NCState in Engineering & had about 35 years with
      >the du Pont Co. in SC, PA & Atlanta. Retired here in 1985 on my wife's
      >property left to her by her father Marion Quinn. Robt H. Hill.I still own
      >farm property in Onslow that was left to me through my parents that belonged
      >to my Grandmother Louisiana Jeanette Venters/Thompson. It was part of the
      >Malachi Plantation years ago and before that part of the Averitt Plantation
      >that was 20,000 acres. I will quit-- is that enough? Are you Frazelle
      >related? How? Robt.
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