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FYI Group: Fwd: Full chat schedule......

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2000

      Reply-To: "Jean Brandau" <huntsville2@...>
      From: "Jean Brandau" <huntsville2@...>
      To: "Jewelle Baker" <jewelle@...>
      Subject: Full chat schedule......
      Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 18:15:05 -0500

      I'm sending you the instructions for chat and forum and the full schedule:
      Here you go!

      To chat:
      1.  Go to http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      2.  Click onto "log onto chat"
      3.  Enter a nickname (do NOT put a password)
      4.  Scroll down to "ok, connect!"--click it.
      5.  Wait for screen to clear and you're in the chat room.

      Top Hints to Successful Chatting:
      1.  Mark your calendar and day-timers with the time of the chats you don't
      want to miss. PRINT OUT Schedule and keep near computer.
      2.  Bookmark the URL of the chats: http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      3.  Once you're in the chat, to get rid of ads:  click the "float" button in
      the upper right hand side.  Then enlarge that window for full view.
      4.  To enlarge your font size, type:      *chat fontsize 16
      5.  Come on time--early even for the bigger chats.  Stay for the whole
      chat so you don't miss YOUR cousins.
      6.  Come prepared:  bring your genealogy files/printouts of tree/resource
      7.  Come not only to find your cousins, but  to help others!
      8.  If you get "bumped off" during chat--try to log back on.  You may have
      to enter a different nickname.  Please be patience, we're using computers!
      9. Greet people when you enter the room; say "good-bye" when
      you have to leave.  Allow time for people to respond BEFORE you go--they may
      have a special message or info for you.
      10.  If you have webtv, you will not be able to log onto the chat.  I would
      suggest that you try to go to a friend's, neighbor's, or the library and use
      the computer there to log on......or if possible, used computers are cheap
      now!  Webtv users CAN post in the forum:
      11.  If you come to the chat room and it's empty, you can read email and
      STILL not miss people.  Turn the SOUND on so that a "beep" sounds when
      someone else comes into the room.  The commands for sounds are:
      ......   *beep enter on........AND:  ......   *beep leave on
      You will hear a bubble sound when someone comes in (delayed just a few
      minutes) and a horn when someone leaves.
      12.  To post your messages:  enter text in the white space at the bottom of
      the screen where it says, "TYPE HERE".....then hit the ENTER key on your
      computer keyboard to send the message.
      13.  If you're doing research in Alabama or the South, check out my website
      at:  http://huntsville.about.com/msubgenealogymenu.htm.
      14.  If you're interested in the Huntsville, AL area, please sign up for my
      Huntsville Highlights newsletter at:
      15.  Post your queries on our new forum--it never hurts to cover all the
      bases:  http://about.delphi.com/ab-huntsville  After you register (if you
      to post, you must register--you can enter the forum as a GUEST, if you
      aren't going to post), you click on the SURNAME section and then click on
      "reply" to post your own surname query.
      16.  The chats are NOT recorded at this time.  I don't record them for your
      privacy and protection....and so that you'll be comfortable that what you
      say in the chat room (and sometimes we get goofy) is confidential. If you
      want to save some info that you get in the chat....just highlight the text,
      then copy (control c) and paste (control v) into a word doc or email to
      yourself.  You have to do this before the screen scrolls completely out of
      the top!
      17.  If you have questions or suggestions, send me an email.  Your comments
      are welcome.
      18.  Have fun and visit the chat room often!

      NEW Morning Chats: http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      9-11 am Eastern; 8-10 am Central; 7-9 am Mt.; 6-8 am Pacific

      These chats are moderated/hosted by Patty. The more
      questions and time you spend there, the better your chances of success!
      Mondays:  All states EAST of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER
      Wednesdays:  CIVIL WAR (both sides)
      Thursdays:  All states WEST of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER
      (no Friday genealogy chats--room already reserved)

      Chat schedule for the lunchtime chats:
      These chats are ususally hosted by Brenda.
      1:00-3:00 pm Eastern; 12-2:00 pm Central; 11:00-1:00 pm Mt.; 10-12 Pacific

      Mondays:  MID-WESTERN STATES
      Thursdays:  SOUTHERN STATES
      Fridays:  MOUNTAIN STATES

      Don't miss these week night Special CHATS:
      (times stated are Eastern--
      subtract an hr for Central,2 hrs for Mt., 3 hrs for Pacific)

      Monday: UNUSUAL MIDDLE NAMES, 8 pm Eastern
      Monday:  ROBERTS family chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Monday:  ALABAMA chat, 10 pm Eastern
      Monday:  Genealogy Research Tips/Hints/Questions, 11 pm Eastern
      Wednesday:  BLACK DUTCH genealogy, 7 pm Eastern
      Wednesday:  CANADA genealogy chat, 8 pm Eastern
      Wednesday: MORGAN family chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Wednesday:  WWI and WWII chat, 10 pm Eastern
      Thursday: African American chat, 7 pm Eastern
      Thursday:  Melungeon chat, 8 pm Eastern
      Thursday:  Southern States chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Thursday:  Famous/Infamous ancestors chat, 10 pm Eastern
      Friday:  REVOLUTIONARY WAR chat, 8 pm Eastern
      Friday: WAR OF 1812 chat, 9 pm Eastern
      Friday:  Native American chat, 10-12 pm Eastern
      Saturday:  Civil War chat, 9-11 pm Eastern

      http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm  (I hope you have this bookmarked!)

      Saturday schedule:
      (subtract 1 hr. for Central; 2 hrs. for Mt.; 3 for Pacific)
      ALL DAY--Genealogy "Open House" (pop in and try your luck!)........
      7 pm Eastern time--NORTHERN STATES genalogy......
      8 pm Eastern time--SOUTHERN STATES genealogy.......
      9-11 pm Eastern time--CIVIL WAR genealogy.......

      Sunday schedule:
      (subtract 1 hr. for Central; 2 hrs. for Mt.; 3 for Pacific)
      ALL DAY--Genealogy "Open House"
                              (bring your family tree; try your luck).......
      7 pm Eastern time--SURNAMES starting with A-J.........
      8 pm Eastern tiime--SURNAMES starting with K-Z......
      9 pm Eastern time--WISCONSIN genealogy chat......
      10 pm Eastern time--GREAT BRITAIN genealogy.....

      If you need help using the chat room or the forum--send me an email and I'll
      update you.  I'll be checking email and the chat room off and on all
      weekend.  There are a lot of new people on the list--so drop in to see
      what's new.  If you have a friend or relative that would like to be on this
      list, have them email me.
      If you want to share the chat news with a mailing list that you're on; feel
      free to invite them to join you in the chat room!

      Hope you find YOUR elusive ancestor!  Feel free to invite others to join

      Jean Brandau
      About.com guide to Huntsville AL
      email:  huntsville.guide@...
      forum:  http://about.delphi.com/ab-huntsville
      chat:  http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm

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      From: Jewelle Baker
      To: genpcfr@egroups.com
      Cc: Jean Brandau
      Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2000 6:09 PM
      Subject: FYI ... Fwd: We're talking about your ancestors.......

      Date:         Thu, 6 Jul 2000 17:17:16 -0500
      From: Jean Brandau <huntsville2@...>
      Subject:      [NC-SC] We're talking about your ancestors.......

      Hi, Genealogists:

      You're invited to join us for some special chats about special

      Thursday Chat Schedule:  http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      7 pm Eastern--AFRICAN AMERICAN genealgoy
      8 pm Eastern--MELUNGEON genealgoy
      9 pm Eastern--SOUTHERN STATES genealogy
      10 pm Eastern--FAMOUS/INFAMOUS ancestors stories

      Friday Chat Schedule:  http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      1-3 pm Eastern--MOUNTAIN STATES genealogy
      8 pm Eastern--REVOLUTIONARY WAR genealogy
      9 pm Eastern--WAR of 1812 genealogy
      10-12 pm Eastern--NATIVE AMERICAN genealogy

      Saturday Chat Schedule:  http://huntsville.about.com/mpchat.htm
      9-11 pm Eastern--CIVIL WAR genealogy

      If you can't make the chats, please post ALL your queries and questions in
      the forum:

      If you need instructions for the chat room or the forum or want on the chat
      mailing list, just let me know.

      Jean Brandau


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