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  • Gloria Taylor
    Jo & Bobby, Could this be the John Reddin Brown House shown in The Historic Architecture of Pitt County, North Carolina ? In this article on page 474, it
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 24, 2000
      Jo & Bobby,
      Could this be the John Reddin Brown House shown in "The Historic
      Architecture of Pitt County, North Carolina"? In this article on page 474,
      it notes the "John Reddin Brown House was moved from its original site in
      November 1990 to make way for a connecting state road which now bisects the
      Brown farm". This farm has been in the family since the eighteenth century.
      One of my Nelson's married Clary Brown, daughter of John Reddin Brown and
      Martha "Patsy" Stancil.


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      > That's the house. It lost all of its character when they moved it.
      > They put it on a lower foundation and it now looks like any country
      > house. It looked like a low country house from the past when it was
      > sitting up on a high foundation.
      > The Browns rent out the house now. One daughter and her family
      > live on the property in other houses, but do not farm. One son does
      > farm diagonally across the highway. The road really ruined their
      > property. The graveyard is just where you said. My mother's sister
      > who married Peter Brown is buried there with her husband.
      > Haven't had a chance to talk to any of the Browns yet. They are the
      > busiest people in the world. I don't know where they get their
      > energy.
      > Jo
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