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[genpcfr] Re: James Redding Rives

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  • Linda Harris
    i may be able to help: on my web site i hve quite a bit of briley info inc in on smithy ann who md a fultord. several places to try looking: the ged coms on
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 4, 2000
      i may be able to help:

      on my web site i hve quite a bit of briley info inc in on smithy ann who md
      a fultord. several places to try looking:
      the ged coms on world family tree (andrews file), the garris file also has
      some briley info as one of the briley md a garris in anson co (same family),
      the web pages on briley and the related families.

      also on another note. when i was in school, st ECU, in the middle 60's
      there was one of my teachers who was doing research on the rives family.
      there are several volumns of rives family history at the NC archivies i do
      not know if this was his research or not, probably is.
      Linda Harris
      Researching in NC (northeastern) and PA York and dauphin co)
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      From: Elizabeth Ross <martingen@...>
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      Date: Friday, March 03, 2000 7:36 PM
      Subject: [genpcfr] Re: James Redding Rives

      >Hello Steve,
      >I'm copying this message, and its history, to the PCFR mail list, in hopes
      >that someone may recognize a Rives-Fulford connection. There must be some
      >mistake on that surname list you saw, because Rives is not one of my lines
      >after all. But now that you've pinpointed Pitt Co., I recognize the
      >you have for the NW part of the county! Several of our list members are
      >interested in the Brileys, and may have an angle on the Rives-Fulford
      >Can anyone help Steve?
      >Good luck in this quest!
      >Betsy Ross
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      >From: "Steve & Renee' Fulford" <srfulford@...>
      >To: "Elizabeth Ross" <martingen@...>
      >Subject: Re: James Redding Rives
      >Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 18:33:31 -0500
      >Hello Ms. Ross,
      > I saw somewhere that "RIVES" was a surname you are researching. I see
      >James Redding Rives buried in Rives cemetery. (Old River Rd. west of Rosa
      >Stokes Rd...is this NW of Greenville in Pitt County?) I have traced my line
      >to at least 3 generations living NW of Greenville in Pitt County. I just
      >felt that the Rives fellow may have been named after one of my Redding's -
      >maybe a female Fulford who married a Rives and named him after a Fulford or
      >visa versa.
      > I am a descendant of Redding B. Fulford (1824-1914)/Martha Ann Fulford
      >(1828-1903).They show up in the 1850 Pitt county census. A women, age 50,
      >named Rebecca is living with them too. Probably a mother, from which side I
      >don't know. He enlisted in the NC troops 44th reg., company C. at age 38
      >was captured at Hatcher's Run. They are also buried NW of Greenville in
      >Barrow Cemetery. They had 6 children, one being William Benjamin Fulford
      >(1849-1927) who married Smith Ann Briley. They are buried NW of Greenville
      >Mt. Pleasant Christian Church, Staton House rd.
      > Either William or Redding had a son named Joseph Redding Fulford
      >(1870-1942). He shows up in 1880 living with Redding B. but is thought to
      >William B's son. His obituary in Kinston Free Press lists him as James
      >Reddie Fulford. Whatever he is called, my father knew him as grandpa joe or
      >"old man Joe". I need to find his death certificate - maybe his father is
      >listed? He married in Pitt County on 4/25/1900 to Lena Spain. They had
      >children, one being my grandfather, Willie Stanley Fulford (1910-1990) who
      >was born in Edgecombe county - my clan seemed to be tenant farmers - slowly
      >migrating west from Greenville to Tarboro on what is now NC33.
      >So far I haven't tied this clan to the large Carteret Fulford's nor have I
      >made a connection to Southy, Gideon, James Fulford (Charles S Baldree's
      >clan) who seemed to live in Pitt County during this same time period - just
      >on the other side of the Tar River (Falkland).
      >Any help to my puzzle is appreciated. Sometimes just writing it out
      >me questions to follow-up on. I need to search the Court house records.
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      >From: "Elizabeth Ross" <martingen@...>
      >To: <srfulford@...>
      >Sent: Friday, March 03, 2000 5:18 AM
      >Subject: Re: James Redding Rives
      > > Hello Steve,
      > >
      > > I don't have any info on a Fulford family. What county in NC was he in?
      > > you could provide a bit more specific info, I could forward the query to
      > > appropriate mail list, or recommend some other avenues for you to
      > > Each county website offers either a Query Board or a mail list, or both.
      > >
      > > Elizabeth Ross, webmaster
      > > Chowan, Gates, Martin NCGenWeb
      > > Pitt Co. Family Res., Inc.
      > >
      > >
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      > > From: "Steve & Renee' Fulford" <srfulford@...>
      > > To: <martingen@...>
      > > Subject: James Redding Rives
      > > Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 22:17:01 -0500
      > >
      > > "James Redding Rives, can you provide any info on this man? My
      > > was James or Joseph Redding Fulford (known as Joe but his obit has him
      > > James) and I was wondering if this could be a son of female-born
      > > Redding Benjamin Fulford (b1824) was his grandfather. I 've always
      > > that "Redding" was a unique name.
      > >
      > > Any help to the puzzle is always appreciated,
      > >
      > > William Steven Fulford
      > >
      > >
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