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  • Linda Harris
    thanks Sammy. i did not know that you were in the Army and stationed in DC. do you know Emmitte Gibson, he was stationed in DC for a while. emmitte graduated
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 4, 2000
      thanks Sammy. i did not know that you were in the Army and stationed in DC.
      do you know Emmitte Gibson, he was stationed in DC for a while. emmitte
      graduated with me in 62. (boy that is a long time ago) and went to west
      point. emmitte is also a garris dec, as his ggrandmother was one of he many
      garrises. his gfather was emmitte dennis.

      i remember Sauls drug store, it ws in ayden long before edwards drug store

      as far as looking up any thing there is no reason to. some of the burrough
      family married into my lang family in the early 1800's. and i was just
      wondering if your grandmother was part of that family. i noticed you are
      part of the rountree family. i have a bunch of rountree info (they are all
      from the same person) on my web page. i also have 2 ged com files that have
      rountree info in them, on world family tree, they can be reached from my web

      years ago i divided my gmothers family and my gfathers family into 2
      seperate ged com files. as the files grow, and become more interrelated, it
      has caused problems in deciding where to put some of he data.

      jesse rountree who is probably the line that you come off of (he is the one
      who settled in the rountree area of pitt co, and many of his dec md into the
      cannon family) is a dec of Francis rountree and sarah coleman (francis died
      in 1723 in VA)

      My grandmother comes off of his son thomas who settled in the chowan area of
      nc through at least 2 lines.

      the pugh family that is in NC probably came from francis pugh who married
      Ferbee Savage. Savage is a dec of Thomas Savage who was given to the
      indians of VA in the very early 1600's (c 1607) he lived with them and
      inherited from thechief over 1000 A of land on the shore of VA. he was very
      instrimental in keeping relations between the indians of the shore and the
      white men in "good" order. he also was warned by his adopted native father
      that the indians of the western shore were about to raid the area (indian
      mascare of 1622)

      I do not know if you have gotten any of your families back tothe eastern
      shore of va, but you will, you will find the researchers there very good,
      the area has a full set of records from the time the first ship arrived
      until today. the history of the people there is very interesting, porbably
      not any more interesting than any other area, except that you can find the

      Linda Harris
      Researching in NC (northeastern) and PA York and dauphin co)
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      > My grandmother Burruss was named for her mother's family. Her father
      >Matthias Manley Sauls, was from near Black Creek outside Wilson. He went
      >college in Richmond where he studied pharmacy and met my great-grandmother,
      >Sarah Catherine Burruss. They moved to Ayden where he opened the first
      >drugstore in town. He died the year before I was born, but "Mommom" lived
      >until I was 15. She was born in Caroline Co., Va and I've traced her
      >back to a John Burrus who died in King William Co., VA in 1705. The most
      >likely candidate for his father was probably a Christopher Burroughs, but I
      >doubt anyone will ever be able to prove it. Mommom's father, John George
      >Burruss, was in the 9th VA Cavalry, Co. B. He lost his plantation after
      >Civil War and moved to Richmond where he was a city worker when he died.
      >Burruss name has over 20 different spellings; Burris, Burrus, Burrows,
      >Borroughs, etc., etc.
      > Several Burruss researchers just published a book on the family in
      >VA and a little on those in early NC. In fact, I'm going to buy a copy
      >the PCFR section in the Pitt Community College library. Is there anyone I
      >could try to locate for you?
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