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[genpcfr] Re: Vault Addition

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  • Kimberly Powell
    Hi Jewelle, The trick is to save the picture itself as a jpg image to your computer first. You uploaded the file as a text file and that s why the map image
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 2, 2000
      Hi Jewelle,
      The trick is to save the picture itself as a jpg image to your computer first.  You uploaded the file as a text file and that's why the map image didn't appear.  I uploaded the map image into the vault for you :-)  It's a great map Claire!!!  Except that you should have included Wilson and Edgecombe 'cause my Pitt ancestors lived on the border of those three counties ;-)
      Hope this helps!
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      Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2000 10:47 AM
      Subject: [genpcfr] Re: Vault Addition

      G'morning OTO...
      	After transferring, I checked it out.....  map doesn't come as an
      attachment... its part of the message... just scroll down and there it is... 
      				nope...  that is the way it WAS!!!
      I just surfed back to it ....   no map ...   but it was there.
      	After placing it in the vault... then I returned to Archives and deleted
      the message....   perhaps that had something to do with it.......
      cause the map was definitely in the Vault file message. Ah well!!
      	Any suggestions?????     I'll contact eGroups and try to find out what I
      did wrong.   
      	......<BIIIIIGGGGGChuckle>   and here I was being SO pleased with myself
      for 'figuring it out' ...  that pop you hear is my balloon bursting  :)
      Yep!! I'm still a novice!!!
      	Thanks for letting me know...  
      I'll contact Clair and perhaps she can add it to the file again.
      Enjoy the weather....  TTYL
      At 01:42 AM 3/2/00 PST, you wrote:
      >Hello Jewelle,
      >>	Clair's message #2528 Fw: Image 012 which contained the map attachment has
      >been transferred to the Vault in order to protect the Archives from
      >Guess you've discovered that the map is not in the vault--just a pointer to 
      >the message. When the message window comes up, no map appears. Apparently 
      >the message window cannot display the attachment. Can you put the map file 
      >itself in the vault?
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