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[genpcfr] New CANNON researcher

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group... Below are excerpts from one of our new members post to me ... and hopefully, someone can shed some light on his inquiry. We had been out of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2000
      Hello Group...
      Below are excerpts from one of our new members post to me ... and
      hopefully, someone can shed some 'light' on his inquiry. We had been out
      of contact for some time and its so good to have 'my Texas cousin' with us!
      J.R., now is a good time to begin planning to attend PCFR's annual meeting
      and REUNION in October 2000 and take advantage of all the resources Pitt
      County and surrounding counties offer!
      Thanks for your help, Group.


      >From: "J. R. Cannon" <jrc@...>
      >To: "Jewelle Baker" <jewelle@...>
      >Subject: RE: Welcome!!
      >Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 19:59:41 -0600
      >Hi Cuz!
      >Yep, like a bad penny, I'm back again! Thanks for remembering me!
      >I saw a message that you posted to a news group that I track. I decided to
      >join and see if I can learn more about NC CANNONs and make connect.
      >You may recall that I'm trying to connect my 3GGF, John CANNON, to Pugh
      >CANNON and make the connection to Lewis CANNON.
      >I still don't know when or where John was born, but the earliest that I find
      >him is 1795 in Wilkes Co., GA (that's the earliest document I have on him).
      >Interestingly enough, he is a witness the purchase of 140 acres of land by
      >Lucy CANNON. I've not been able to determine the relationship, if one
      >exists, between John and Lucy. Another interesting item is that John named
      >his first daughter Lucy. Lucy was born ca 1793 in Wilkes so I know that
      >John was there at that time, but have no documented proof. Pugh CANNON is
      >also in the area during John's time there. In fact, John and Pugh had a
      >close relationship with the RICHARDSONs of Wilkes. I have several documents
      >showing this. In 1807, the patriarch of the RICHARDSONs died and 2 of the 3
      >sons, along with several other families, migrated to Maury Co., TN. John
      >and Pugh (Pugh also had a dau named Lucy) were in tow! Pugh left Maury Co.
      >and moved to McNairy Co. where he died shortly after 1840.
      >There is no doubt in my mind that my John CANNON is the brother of Pugh
      >CANNON and the sons of Lewis. However, I simply lack any substantial proof!
      >I wrote to the County Registrar of Deeds some time back with an SASE and
      >after about 8 months, I had not received a reply. I called and was told
      >that the waiting time for copies was about a year! I told them to forget
      >it! I would love to get my hands on the deeds related to the land of Lewis
      >that was in his will. I'm hoping there is some wording in them that would
      >indicate that his son John lived in TN. Guess I'll just have to make a trip
      >over that way and get the documents myself. I understand that NC is a
      >beautiful place!
      >Anyway, it's good to be back in touch and maybe, just maybe, we can connect.
      >I've set up a web site covering our genealogy. If you're interested, the
      >address is:


      >Hope to hear from you soon and I'm glad that we've connected up again.
      >Your Texas Cuz,
      >J. R.
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