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  • Robert Moore
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      Subject: [genpcfr] Get your company on the web!

      > Dear genpcfr@egroups.com,
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      > If you own or manage a business - there has never been a time when getting
      on the web has been cheaper.
      > For my business, I run my own Internet line at speeds very close to full
      T1 for less than $300 per month. In fact, it was only two years ago that
      the same speed Internet line was costing me over two thousand dollars per
      month! This dramatic drop in cost has made taking advantage of the Internet
      a reality for smaller businesses.
      > The problem is: What do I do when I get on-line? All major computing
      companies are trumpeting e-business and E-commerce solutions - but - where
      are the tangible results, and how do I get it done? Can't someone just
      handle it for me without having to leave my checkbook open indefinitely?
      The answer is yes.
      > As a business owner myself, I understand that strategic investments
      require tangible return. I also know that when I'm ready to make an
      investment in technology, or anything else - I need to have a SOLID FIXED
      COST. This is why I have developed the RedAccess Internet solution.
      > For one flat fee, starting at just $2499, a RedAccess Server can be
      installed (on-site) in your company. This server will include:
      > - Email for everyone at your company
      > - Web browsing for everyone at your company
      > - Host your own website
      > - Firewall security
      > - FTP server
      > - Secure remote access with VPN
      > - Multiple domains
      > - Technical support
      > - Hardware and software maintenance
      > - On-site installation
      > In addition, FIXED COST options are also available for:
      > - Website creation
      > - Encryption (SSL - getting the "lock" in your browser program)
      > - E-commerce ready (Sell your products on the web and accept credit cards)
      > - On-site installation/configuration of all PCs at your company with web
      browser and email program.
      > This is a total web solution that can grow with you because it is fully
      upgradeable, and open.
      > For more information please see http://www.redaccess.com or send email
      > To remove yourself from this mailing list, please reply to this email with
      the word REMOVE in the subject.
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