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Re: [genpcncfir] Fw: HOLOCUST LIST FOUND

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  • cheryl rhoden
    Jewelle, Do you know which Moore line her book covers? best, Cheryl ________________________________ From: Jewelle Baker To:
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      Jewelle, Do you know which Moore line her book covers? best, Cheryl

      From: Jewelle Baker <jewellebaker@...>
      To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, June 16, 2013 1:55 PM
      Subject: [genpcncfir] Fw: HOLOCUST LIST FOUND

      Hello Group....
      Please read the below eMail from Elizabeth Beavers.......
      very interesting ......
      Thanks Elizabeth, for sharing with us.

      GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research
      (Serving all Eastern/Coastal NC Counties)

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      To: Jewelle Baker
      Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 5:26 PM
      Subject: Fw: HOLOCUST LIST FOUND

      Jewelle, this is unbelievable and is certainly worth reading and watching. It is amazing that this Holocust List has been made available and heart crushing to listen to these survivors talk about the event and how fortunate that they survived. I thought it was worth sending to you and see if you would want to make it available to all the members of Pit County. It is quite possible that some of them are related in some way to some of these people. Still enjoy hearing from you people and still looking for my Moore's. I have turned 92 and not quite as busy doing the work but glad we got a book published on our Moore's. Still remember my trip to North Carolina to be with you people for your state meeting. It was wonderful to see everyone and know you personally. Elizabeth Beavers


      Subject: Incredible, The Holocaust List found

      Take a couple of minutes to see this---it needs to be seen--trust me.

      This story was aired on CBS on "60 MINUTES" ** about a long-secret German archive that houses a treasure trove of information on 17.5 million victims of the Holocaust. The archive, located in the German town of Bad Arolsen , is massive (there are 16 miles of shelving containing 50 million pages of documents) and until recently, was off-limits to the public. But after the German government agreed earlier this year to open the archives, CBS News ' Scott Pelley traveled there with three Jewish survivors who were able to see their own Holocaust records. It 's an incredibly moving piece, all the more poignant in the wake of the meeting of Holocaust deniers in Iran and the denial speeches in the UN. We 're trying to get word out about the story to people who have a special interest in this subject. It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the six million Jews, 20
      million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russia peoples looking the other way!

      Now, more than ever, with Iran , among others, claiming the Holocaust to be "a myth," it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

      This e-mail is intended to reach 40 million people worldwide! Join us and be a link in the memorial chain and help us distribute it around the world. Please send this e-mail to people you know and ask them to continue the memorial chain.

      Please don 't just delete it. It will only take you a minute to pass this along




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