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  • Martha Marble
    Going ahead and run this instead of holding for the index because it has good URLS. Just remember these pictures were probably taken Thur before the flooding
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 1999
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      Going ahead and run this instead of holding for the index because it has
      good URLS. Just remember these pictures were probably taken Thur before the
      flooding started.


      >Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 08:59:49 -0400
      >From: Elizabeth Ross
      >Made it through the night! All the dieties must be listening. Apparently the
      >Tar has crested late yesterday here in Greenville, with only 4" of leeway
      >left to that miraculous power line. It's rained all night, and is still
      >raining heavily, but the weathermen and the city officials are telling us
      >that the additional flooding will affect the creeks worse than the rivers.
      >That means that the people who were flooded the first time from the hurricane
      >rain water will see more water, because it can't drain into the river just
      >now. But the level should not rise along the river itself. This is not good
      >news to their homes, but is fantastic news for Pitt County's ability to keep
      >the power coming! Cross your fingers. The city officials said that if the
      >raindrops don't splash too badly around the wire, it'll hold--still touch and
      >go. The men in rafts continue to float along its length, pushing debris
      >(including livestock carcases) away from the line.
      >Kinston has seen a rise overnight, but the news has not covered it yet this
      >morning. It takes a long time for the newsmen to get all the way around to
      >mention all our neighbors--the area involved is too large. The air traffic
      >restrictions over Greenville were being opened up yesterday to the news
      >copters, and we've finally gotten some views of Pitt County--gasp! No wonder
      >our roads are closed. All of Belvoir, Pactolus, Tranter's Creek (the north
      >side of the river that we can't get to) look like one giant lake. The only
      >way to cross the Tar-Pamlico this morning is the ferry at Aurora, but we
      >can't get to Aurora either.
      >Our mayor was just interviewed on the Today show, and while her message
      >needed to be optimism and praise for the miracles we're having, I tIf you
      watched, the footage they showed was on the south side of
      >the river (my side), and was just a fraction of the devastation the north
      >side is under.
      >The Red Cross is still asking for help here,
      >If the mail list people are still asking about areas beyond the reach of our
      >local TV copters, remind them that coverage is difficult because of air
      >traffic restrictions--reserved for emergency airlift and food-drop vehicles
      >for the most part, and because ground travel out of Greenville and
      >Washington's TV stations is more or less impossible. They are doing the best
      >they can to get information out to the locals whose lives depend on it. These
      >reporters have been on the air since last Weds. morning and should be
      >commended, not criticized.
      >The next round of problems are now being faced--disease from the polluted
      >water supplies and rotting livestock, and snake bite cautions, and
      >mosquitoes. The homes will not be safe to reenter for many more days, and
      >thanks to the rain, the water here is not going down signigicantly on the
      >large rivers. The Cashie, I understand, has receeded from the streets and
      >buildings in Windsor, and grocery stores on higher ground are operational.
      >That's good news for the people on the Bertie mail list. Goldsboro is still
      >experiencing rising levels, which may affect Kinston downstream. Again, cross
      >your fingers for those folks.
      >There are many local stories of livestock rescues this morning--every horse
      >and cow and goat saved is a blessing.
      >If my reports have been biased to Greenville, forgive me, but it has been the
      >center of rescue operations for several days now, and has gotten more
      >information than other areas. If you want to see some pictures taken before
      >the river flooding began, there is a website with some good pictures of my
      >neighborhood. Begin at page 17 to see 5th St., or go to the index and look at
      >all the pictures--about 40 altogether. The flood pictures you see here are
      >the initial creek floods, before the real flooding began.
      >index: http://www.gidgit.com/floyd/
      >and emergency phone numbers, etc., at WNCT's cooperative webhost's site at:
      >I guess the flood pictures are scarce because it has been hard to get into
      >those areas with a camera, and because it takes time to get the film
      >developed. I have some shots myself, but haven't tried to get them developed
      >yet. I'll show you my own tree later!
      > The TV reporters just announced that
      >they've been given air clearance for more areas today, so we'll get wider
      >news after today. Let's hope this flash-flood warning doesn't finish off the
      >surrounding communties.
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