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Re: [genpcncfir] Fw: civil war markers for watauga

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  • Barb Lantto
    And Abraham Lincoln incarcerated about 7000 Northern  sympathizers, including women and babies. Most people including Genealogists do not know our own SA
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      And Abraham Lincoln incarcerated about 7000 Northern  sympathizers, including women and babies.

      Most people including Genealogists do not know our own SA  history.My mother did  not know.And she was a Librarian at the University of Willamette and a life time Genealogist. She died not knowing of her Cherokee Herietage. American History has hidden most of our history.Her parents were Native American.In fact, all my grandparents and great grandparents heritage was hidden.

       They liked living.Most were massacred or marched by gun point to the Oklahoma Territory. It is called the Trail of Tears.

      Robert E Lee joined the military .The day he died, all of Virgina and elsewhere hung black on the doorway.He was a loved man.

      Today I help "Lost Cherokee" find thier roots.


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      > Subject:  civil war markers for watauga
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      >       County to dedicate Civil War Trails marker Saturday
      >       by Kellen Moore
      >       Watauga County will dedicate its first Civil War Trails marker on
      > Saturday, recognizing the site of the local Home Guard camp almost 150 years
      > after the base surrendered to Union soldiers.
      >       The Civil War Trails program identifies sites of significance across
      > Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.
      >       Several years ago, Watauga County was identified as one of the North
      > Carolina counties that did not have any Civil War markers, said Michelle Ligon,
      > public relations director for the Watauga County Tourism Development Authority.
      >       The TDA connected with author and historian Michael Hardy to identify four
      > possible sites, including the location at the Old Cove Creek School that was
      > eventually selected, she said.
      >       “It just seems like a really good opportunity to highlight some of the
      > history of the area that wasn't well known yet,” Ligon said.
      >       The Cove Creek marker is adjacent to the location of Camp Mast, where the
      > Watauga County Home Guard stayed from mid-1863 to February 1865.
      >       “It's oriented so that when you look straight ahead as you're
      > reading it, you'll see the hillside that it's referencing,” Ligon said.
      >       The Home Guard, created by Gov. Zebulon Vance in 1863, was intended to
      > round up deserters and Unionists while protecting Watauga County residents,
      > Hardy said.
      >       Two companies of 40 to 50 men each rotated on and off for a week or two at
      > a time under Capt. George McGuire and Capt. Jordan Cook, Hardy said. Life was
      > hard for those men, living in huts as the war dragged on and capturing friends
      > and neighbors.
      >       “A lot of times the Civil War gets the ‘brother against brother'
      > cliche, which is very true with the Home Guard,” Hardy said.
      >       The base operated until February 1865, when Capt. James Champion led 103
      > men from Banner Elk and surrounded Camp Mast at night.
      >       When the group awoke in the morning, 60 voted to surrender and 11 voted to
      > fight, according to the marker. McGuire surrendered, and the group destroyed the
      > camp and marched the prisoners into Tennessee.
      >       Those who had voted to surrender were set free, but those who voted to
      > fight were marched to a Federal prison in Ohio.
      >       Maj. Harvey Bingham, the leader of the local Home Guard, performed his
      > duties so well that after the war was over, he was disliked by so many that he
      > was forced to leave Watauga County. He moved to Statesville and opened a law
      > school, Hardy said.
      >       “If you did your job well during the war … it didn't work out too
      > well,” he said.
      >       Hardy has been researching the Civil War for 29 years and has written
      > several books on the war, including “North Carolina in the Civil War,” published
      > in 2011, and “A Short History of Watauga County” in 2005.
      >       He said the Civil War marker will appeal not just to history buffs but
      > also longtime Watauga families.
      >       “Just about any family that goes back that far, 150 years, is going to
      > have some tie to one of the men who served there at the Home Guard camp,” Hardy
      > said.
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